Woman Builds Fence to Keep Neighbors Out of Pool

Neighborly disputes are a part of life. They have a tendency to escalate like when this guy used crows to get revenge on his neighbors. It seems like every time someone makes a tentative agreement, someone has a hard time sticking to it and the big guns need to be brought out. For some more homeowner frustrations, here are people who had to deal with a nightmare HOA.


Text - A r/AmItheAsshole - Posted by u/OnTheFencePoolGirl 19 hours ago 6 4 6 36 2 7 AITA for building a fence to keep out my neighbors? Not the A-hole Obligatory throwaway account. Earlier this year I (26f) got an inheritance from a family member and it was a godsend. I finally got to move out and get my own place after living paycheck to paycheck. MY DREAM PLACE. I could never get a place like this without providence or cutting my way through the corporate ladder with a machete. But the most im


Text - The problem comes from the neighbors. Mark(fake name) and Kaylie(faker name but it's something like that) have 3 kids: Brad(16m) Chad(14m) and Lea(11f). They started out friendly enough, especially Kaylie who's dripping with housewife, yoga, PTA energy. She told me about a week after I moved in over a plate of cookies that the prior owners of the house were an older couple who let her kids use the pool whenever they wanted because their kids were out of the house and they didn't like quie


Text - Cue the children abusing the privilege all summer. Every time I was out swimming, it would not be long before Chad and Brad would run over and jump in, followed by Lea with her floaties. And being teenage boys, they'd always want to roughhouse, or gape at me or my friends when we'd get out of the pool and make gross comments. This would be tolerable if it happened once a week. They even brought friends a couple of times, and more than a couple of times I've had to tell them they need to l


Text - So now I'm putting up a fence, for two reasons: 1.I'm getting a dog. 2.I want my privacy. Kaylie ran out of their house when she saw me and a couple of friends hammering in the fence and digging holes for privacy hedges(I made sure everything was within regulation and right on the property line). She said if I put up a fence it'd be harder for her kids to come over and play. I said yup. She asked if I was planning on putting a gate between our yards. I said nope. Finally she asked, a litt


Text - She told me they were going to be crushed and saw me as a big sister, I told her no teenage boy looks at their sister the way those boys looked at me and my friends. She took huge offense to that, and it might have been gross to hear, but so were the comments on my bikini from her boys. It's too much. I'm not their babysitter, and I have every right to my privacy, but some people have been saying the fence is too much and I'm going to hurt the kids' feelings. Am I the asshole?


Text - Franklin1967000 Partassipant [1] 16.4k points · 18 hours ago NTA. Not at all. In fact, however high you were planning on building this fence? Make it a foot higher.


Text - SthrnGal 810 points · 18 hours ago NTA - In fact, you're a saint for allowing them to come over as much as you have already. We have a pool and a fence and enjoy our privacy. There's no way I would let kids come swim in our pool unless I invited them. It's also a huge liability for you if something were to happen to one of those kids in your pool.


Text - lovebeinganasshole Partassipant [3] 688 points · 18 hours ago NTA. How did your homeowners insurance not require a fence? Would not feel guilty at all and have never understood neighborhoods that didn't have fences.


Text - MaddyKet Asshole Aficionado [13] 469 points - 18 hours ago NTA OUR POOL? I hope you were like I don't see you paying the bills!

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Woman Builds Fence to Keep Neighbors Out of Pool