WoolWork Tin Can Knits-along: Sweaters

This is the first of my “ooh what will we make?” posts for the upcoming Tin Can Knits-along, which we cast on for on 1st December, 2019.

I think the sweater category is a good place to start, it is certainly where I started –  I made a wee snowflake sweater for a new baby and that was it -I was hooked!

After knitting quite a few wee TCK sweaters I made a Lush cardigan. It was the first time I read a sweater pattern and was heartened by the layout and the brevity of the pattern – simple terms and clear instructions. Whether a new or experienced knitter, those aspects are really appreciated!

This sweater, sadly, ended up in a hot wash, however every single time I think about it, or I see these pictures – I just feel like doing an enormous air punch! I loved the wool I used; I loved the fit and further I felt empowered by the designers! They seemed to know what I wanted to knit, the sort of garment that would look good on a range of sizes (From newborn to 4XL) and the sort of make that would hold my interest. I don’t think I’m alone in those feelings. These have come to be the feelings that I have about all the TCK designs I make.

So, my friends, if a sweater is on the agenda for the Tin Can Knits-alomg – which one (or ones) will you make? From lace, to cables, to colourwork – there is something for everyone. Shall we start with the Simple Collection?

All images are by Tin Can Knits and used with kind permission

Flax,Flax Light and Harvest  are free patterns, which were brought out to celebrate the joy of learning to knit and new techniques and (as with most of Emily and Alexa’s designs) you will find great material on their website with accompanying information and tutorials. These are seamless knits in aran/worsted yarns (with the exception of Flax light, which is 4ply)

| Is lace your thing? 

I’ve already mentioned Lush and Snowflake. I have a real soft spot for how Tin Can Knits let the beauty of lace take centre stage in their designs. Chromatic , appears in the bold and zingy book, Mad Colour. You could have a lot of fun combining colours for this fingering sweater. Prairie Fire has been on my queue for a while – another example of showcasing lace in a different way. You need DK for this one – I imagine a beautiful Blue Face Leicester would be so snuggly.

Love Note and Penny  are two recent releases and I think these would be great picks for those who like to mix it up in terms of lengt/fit, as well as in terms of materials. Love Note can be knit with a strand of mohair – although I think that a fine Wensleydale laceweight would also be extraordinary!

| Cables and Texture more your bag?

How about some tactile, textural sweaters? Wenlock originally appeared in Pom Pom Quarterly, then in Mad Colour. I adore daisy stitch, and love the use of colour in this yoke. Ironheart was designed for the Heart on my Sleeve collaboration for and features a beautiful botanical design. Antler is a real favourite – that cabled yoke! and Caribou – a cabled cousin to the Lush design.

| Colourwork A-plenty

If you want to knit a colour work sweater in this KAL, well…just roll on up, as there is so much to choose from. From allover colourwork in Cartography to incredible yoke design features,  Strange Brew  is going to be the main text for your TCK colourwork needs. It also includes a recipe for you to create your own custom colourwork sweaters.

You will also find beauties such as the Clayoquot cardigan and Spotlight yoke in TCK design repertoire.

Appetite whetted?

What do you think, will you be casting on a sweater in the Tin Can Knits-along this winter?

I dunno about you, but I now feel so cosy after writing this!

Source: knitbritish.net

WoolWork Tin Can Knits-along: Sweaters