World’s First Authentic Chai Brewer

World's First Authentic Chai BrewerChime, the world’s first authentic chai maker, today announces its product launch and availability in North America on Indiegogo. This pre-order campaign will last for 30 days until December 19th at the early bird price of $199, increasing as the campaign continues. The suggested MSRP for Chime is $399. Chime has already shipped to hundreds of early customers to test its production and manufacturing. New orders from the Indiegogo campaign will ship in June 2020.

Chai is a beverage enjoyed by over a billion people around the world. While there are numerous coffee makers on the market, chai lovers have to spend money at their local cafe to buy a cup of chai or prepare it manually on the stove. This time-consuming and laborious process hasn’t changed in over 100 years. Now, busy professionals, moms, teens, and elders do not need to stand in front of the stove to watch their chai brewing. With Chime, anyone can make a custom-made cup of chai to suit their taste at the push of a button, in about three minutes.

“Chime automates the messy and time-consuming parts of chai making, such as boiling water and milk while maintaining quality ingredients and letting you customize your recipe based on your preference. We’ve already shipped our product to many customers with enthusiastic feedback and are excited to make it available in North America with this new Indiegogo campaign,” said Gaurav Chawla, Founder and CEO of Chime.


Product features include:

  • Patented dual-boiler system to brew authentic chai.
  • High-quality tea from Assam and Darjeeling and natural spices from Kerala packed in nitrogen-flushed caps to maintain freshness for every single cup. Available in 5 different flavors and adding more blends and kinds of tea regularly.
  • Connected app for iOS and Android that lets you customize your recipe — or take it with you to another Chime.
  • Compact design in a charcoal grey color.
  • Two chime packs containing 10 caps each will be sent with each brewer for Indiegogo customers. To purchase more chime caps, visit for flavors and pricing.

“Chime is an absolute game-changer in my home. It has eliminated my least favorite thing about chai — which is that it takes a long time to make and clean up — while keeping and even improving upon the unparalleled taste of the desi chai. I cannot recommend Chime enough!” said customer Romana Pawar of Sunnyvale, CA.

Source: Chime Chai

World’s First Authentic Chai Brewer