WOYWW #604: Completed advent journal, more diamond painting and a tidy desk!

I hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday period. Christmas 2020 is done and dusted and there are only 30 odd hours left of this topsy turvy year. I surprised myself by completing my advent journal right on time AND tidying my desk as well before ringing in the New Year. Here it is shown for my WOYWW visitors - see, I can do tidy! 

These are the advent journals I made in the past three years - this year's the smallest yet! The last two pages are shown below, along with a short video flip-through: 

Day 23: Silent Night

Day 24: My word for 2021

I've also completed a couple of "diamond painted" mandalas. You might think this sort of "art" doesn't match my otherwise messy style, but the little girl in me wants bling, so I have to let her have it! It's not exactly a creative activity, but so relaxing and rewarding! The first one is a card that will be winging its way to friend soon and the other is a bedside lamp that's already in use! So pretty!

Mandala card

We've had some snow as well! Very little though, which was a bit disappointing. Here's Oreo looking on, trying to figure out what the white stuff was: 

Here he is again on the other side of the room, warming his bum on the radiator. My hub's posing with his Christmas present, an annual subscription to Viz magazine and I even managed to snag the current issue on Ebay - and it arrived just in time for Christmas. Apparently, 89% of their readership is male and 55% university educated! I guess, it's a British thing, which in itself I find funny! 

Wishing everyone a very happy 2021! 
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WOYWW #604: Completed advent journal, more diamond painting and a tidy desk!