Your Brief Travel Guide to New Jersey, USA!

New Jersey, USA can be visited at any time in the year. Summer is generally the ideal time to visit this State. It has a temperate climate, and the most popular destination to visit is the New Jersey Shore. Tourists often find the winters here harsh however summer and spring are milder with many festivals and a relatively lesser crowd compared to other tourist places in the USA.

Seasons in New Jersey

Before you visit New Jersey, note the following seasons-

  1. High season- This season is the best time for the traveler to visit. It is the period between end May to the first weeks of September
  2. Low Season- End November to March
  3. Shoulder Season-April to the middle of May and middle of September to the middle of November

Is New Jersey a safe state to visit?

New Jersey is a more or less safe tourist destination. If you want to be really safe in this state, visit the countryside and the suburban areas. The shore towns are very safe for travelers as well. Travel experts state the cities in New Jersey are safe; however, do be discreet and exercise common sense when you meet strangers or are traveling alone in the night or an isolated area. There are some regions in New Jersey like Newark, Trenton and New Jersey City prone to crime; however, it is unlikely that you will go to these places for sightseeing.

Things to see and do in New Jersey

You can see the historical Statute of Liberty in New Jersey, Immigration Museum, Asbury Park, Cape May and many well- preserved Victorian buildings. There are many amusement and adventure parks, the notable among them being The Six Flags Great Adventure that you may visit with family and kids. If you are fond of sports, you can catch up on NJ bets TVG and watch the spectacular racehorses in action. Here you are able to see more horse races than Kentucky.

1. Asbury Park Boardwalk

The AP restoration is never again a mystery. That is particularly valid with the opening of the Asbury Hotel, which has turned the head of worldwide tastemakers. Hit the shoreline and see why Brooklynites continue moving here. First of all: Caffeinate with sea sees at High Voltage Seafront Cafe. Play retro pinball at the Silverball Museum. At that point shake out at Asbury Park Yacht Club or taste lagers in the sand at the Beach Bar.

2. Pinelands Adventures

From apparition towns and winding streams to accounts of privateers, privateers, and industrialists, the New Jersey Pine Barrens is where insider facts cover-up in the midst of the pines. On visits and climbs that take in attractions on both land and water, Pinelands Adventures breathes life into the enchantment of the locale. From long-gone ironworks to a portion of the country’s most profitable cranberry marshes, you’ll figure out how to peruse the woods and value its profound history.

3. Newark Museum Late Thursdays

You realize that feeling you had as a child when a good-natured grown-up recommended an exhibition hall excursion? Jettison that outlook. Amid Late Thursdays, the Newark Museum pulls in aware of everything local people who taste free wine, investigate an amazing accumulation and give Brick City nightlife a remix. An ongoing night committed to Michael Jackson included move exercises, live beats, and live art making. While there, duck into the rich Ballantine house, when home to the acclaimed Newark brewers.

4. Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

In Jersey, individuals have a DIY attitude. Perhaps that is the reason the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market at the notable Roebling Wire Works and over the extension in Croyden, PA has exploded into such a prominent occasion. A few times each year, sellers gather peddling everything from taxidermy and vinyl to streetwear and coat patches. More like a celebration than a market, it includes noisy music, nourishment trucks like Johnny’s Pork Roll (required) and an agreeable group with in-your-face style.

New Jersey is popularly called The Garden State and is well-known for blueberries, corn, and tomatoes. It is also called the Diner Capital of The World and home to the delicious Taylor Ham Pork Roll. There are approximately 525 diners in New Jersey. It is an urban state densely populated with about 90% of its people living in the metropolitan area.

The cost of living in this state is very high with auto insurance and property taxes being quite expensive. It is home to the famous inventor Thomas Edison and is the first place where incandescent bulbs were used. Way back in 1869, New Jersey hosted the first college game of football. If you are a movie buff, you will find plenty of drive-in movie theatres here.  It is home to the first drive-in movie theatre that opened in 1933 outside Camden.

Therefore, if you plan to visit New Jersey, keep the above information in mind and do have a great holiday in this amazing state in the USA!


Your Brief Travel Guide to New Jersey, USA!