Cricket pads on Lord Buckethead

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The Smudge writes:

Please find attached a picture of Lord Buckethead, Intergalactic Space Lord, wearing wicket keeping pads.

This picture was taken after the Maidenhead constituency count when Lord Buckethead stood against me (and Theresa May) in the 2017 General Election. (Here’s another shot of him.)

I would like to emphasise that I was standing as an independent. This was pre-“Brexit Party” and the rosette colour was chosen by me as it matched one of my favourite ties. Farage’s swivel-eyed loons only adopted it later.

At the risk of a Stig moment, this incarnation of Lord Buckethead was the comedian Jon Harvey. He is a proper cricket guy and occasional cricket writer so the pads are probably his.

Cricket pads on Lord Buckethead