Fix It Yourself Course Re-Launch

Hi Everyone,

I know our posts have become few and far between. We're trying to remedy that as I'm diligently working on that new, updated website platform I've been promising for awhile now. We're getting there, but it's still not quite ready for prime time. At least with this COVID-19 thing, I've been able (or forced) to focus on it more so it should be up in May.


With that said, I wanted to do a post today to re-introduce the Virtual Campground's Fix It Yourself Course for RVers.


Fix It Yourself

Some of you may remember that our friends Liz & Ed (a certified RV tech) ....


Ed & Lix Wilcox


over at The Virtual Campground launched this online course way back in March of 2019 at a ridiculously cheap introductory rate so they could get feedback and tweak the course to make it better.

Now they are back with the re-launch. This week, April 27 - May 3, they are offering this 8-module online course for only $197.


Here’s how it works:

Fix It Yourself is a journey that takes you from not knowing much about your RV (if anything) to knowing all the systems in your RV and teaching you how to repair and service them. The course is broken into 8 modules:

MODULE 1: Generators

Often your lifeline when traveling, we give you everything you need to know about how they operate and what to do when they don’t.

MODULE 2: Water Systems

Your RV is self-contained. This is awesome, but can be tricky to navigate sometimes. We’ve got your back.

MODULE 3: Roof maintenance

Keep up with your roof and never worry about insane water damage...and the expenses that come with that.

MODULE 4: Tire maintenance

Just like a runner takes care of his feet, an RVer needs to take care of her tires. Learn how to here.

MODULE 5: Electrical & Batteries

Possibly the most frightening and confusing systems in your rig. We break them down for you to understand, diagnose, and fix out there on the road.

MODULE 6: A/C & Furnace

RVing is about being comfortable. Learn these systems and you will be.

MODULE 7: Propane

These videos are all about giving you the confidence to know you’re not going to blow something up.

MODULE 8: Slides

Ah, the first RV luxury. We love 'em, but fixing them can be scary. This module will make things so much easier the next time your slide won't go in (or come out.)

These modules will be delivered to you in on-demand video format for you to watch at your own pace. Like binge watching Netflix, but more educational. You will also be able to download the videos immediately upon purchase if that's your thing.


Many of us are on lockdown and cash flow is suffering, but this would be a great time to invest a little money now, while we have time to take advantage and concentrate on this course, to potentially save a whole lot of money, time and headaches later. I have no doubt that the investment will be worth it.


Fix It Yourself Testimonial


So, hop on over to the Fix It Yourself promotion page, watch the promo video, and read through the material and enroll.


Or, if you still have questions, Ed is doing a LIVE Q & A session on Tuesday night (April 28) at 8 PM EDT. Click on this link to check it out when the time comes: "Live Fix It Yourself Q & A Event".


Thanks for reading, and we'll let you know as soon as our new RV-Dreams website is up and running. We appreciate your patience and we hope you are all doing well during this unprecedented time in our lives. Take care and stay safe.




Fix It Yourself Course Re-Launch