Trained Dogs Will Sniff Your Armpits to Check for Coronavirus

Picture of a Covid sniffing dog, by the National Veterinary School of Alfort.

Just be grateful that they’re going to be sniffing your armpits and not your crotch — for now.

The humiliation ritual is just getting started.

Study Finds:

While a vaccine for the coronavirus will help stop the pandemic’s spread, finding everyone who may be carrying the virus is still an issue. Luckily, man’s best friend is now on the case. Researchers in France are helping to specially train dogs to detect people infected with COVID-19 — by sniffing their armpits.

A new study that has seen pilot programs spring up around the world has discovered that dogs can sniff out coronavirus in the sweat of humans. Thanks to their famously acute sense of smell, dogs have been rooting out drugs, explosives, and even successfully pick up diseases like cancer for years.

The French scientists are now showing how our furry friends can also help save lives during the pandemic by spotting virus clues. An early experiment suggested canines could be between 75 and 100 percent effective at detecting the disease with their noses.

Professor Dominique Grandjean, from the National Veterinary School of Alfort in France, says the dogs could check a large number of people in a short period of time.

“The results are good and I’m happy, really happy,” Grandjean says in a statement, per SWNS. “It is a success technically and scientifically and it’s surprising because we didn’t know what we were going to have as results.”

We have been validated by the World Health Organization and they have given us a bit of money which is good. “Probably the country which is the most advanced now is the UAE, where they have dogs in three international airports. They are deploying some mobile units to go to the villages and to the people that might be more exposed to the virus,” the professor explains.

For us here the idea was, of course, the airports but I can imagine a small city having a couple of dogs and just saying to the population ‘you can be tested whenever you want.’ You just come and put a swab under your armpit and give that to the dog and he will tell you yes or no. The dogs would be able to do that very quickly on a large number of people.”

Grandjean adds that dogs could also be used where people are reluctant to have uncomfortable nasal swab tests. During the study, which started in March, the researchers recruited six dogs previously trained to sniff out bombs, colon cancer, or used in search-and-rescue missions and re-trained to detect COVID-19.

We have been working with lots of countries. I think we have 20 countries working for us. It’s amazing, really amazing,” Prof. Grandjean concludes.

Yes, submit to the dog. The dog will tell you yes or no. The dog will tell you if you’re allowed to have something kind of resembling a normal life or not.

You see, you need to be put through all kinds of humiliating situations so that you begin to see the vaccine as a way to get your dignity back.

That’s the point we’re at, right now. The vaccine is no longer being portrayed as the key to going back to normal. Normal is gone forever. No one is talking about normal life as we knew it before February 2020 anymore.

The vaccine, right now, is beginning to be portrayed as something that will somehow help you preserve whatever dignity the government hasn’t taken from you yet.

Trained Dogs Will Sniff Your Armpits to Check for Coronavirus