Three Bridesmaids Gifts To Make With Cricut Joy

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I am so excited to be partnering with Cricut today to share their newest cutting machine the Cricut Joy! If you read my blog regularly then you know that I am pretty in love with my Maker and Air 2 machines. Well I’ve fallen for this cutie too! It’s the perfect addition to your home, even if you already have a Cricut machine. Thanks to it’s compact and portable size the Cricut Joy makes every day projects so quick and easy. Today I am going to show you how to create three bridesmaids gifts in 15 minutes or less with a Cricut Joy!Circuit Joy WeddingCircuit Joy WeddingWhat I love most about the Cricut Joy is it allows you to personalize items without a huge craft room or a ton of supplies. The Cricut Joy is the perfect tool whether you’re a regular crafter or someone who just likes to personalize every day items. Today, I am going to show you how to create a travel themed bridesmaids gift featuring a DIY passport cover, personalized water bottle, and card.Circuit Joy Wedding DIYThe Cricut Joy has a full collection of new materials that do not require a mat. This means less to buy and less to store! I used the new Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl to create the DIY passport cover below. As you can see I simply slid the vinyl into the cutting machine – not mat needed! When you want to make a quick and easy gift not needing a mat saves you so much time! I wanted to make a fun passport case that you could gift to your bridesmaids for a destination bachelorette party or wedding. I found this design in the “Just Married” collection on Design Space. (#MA93181B)Circuit Joy WeddingOnce your Cricut Joy has cut your design weed the negative space using the new Cricut Joy turquoise tools.Circuit Joy Wedding DIYOnce you have weeded your design apply a piece of transfer tape and attach to your passport cover. The new Cricut Joy materials are smaller and take a lot less storage space. I mean, just look at how cute the rolls of vinyl and transfer tape are! But don’t take their small size to mean they are not spacious – the Cricut Joy new Smart Vinyl comes in extended sizes so you can repeatedly cut up to 20 inches!Circuit Joy WeddingCircuit Joy Passport CoverEvery bridesmaid needs to stay hydrated when they travel so I also created a DIY water bottle with my Cricut Joy. Using vinyl and a design from the Kim Byers Wedding collection on Design Space. (#M6EE18B1) I found this water bottle in the Target Dollar Spot but you could easily use your favorite water bottle for this DIY.Circuit Joy Wedding DIYCircuit Joy Water BottleThe Cricut Joy is Cricut’s smallest cutting machine and is so light you can lift it with one hand to carry from room to room. I have my other cutting machines stored but I love that my Cricut Joy is so small it can live anywhere – from my desk to the kitchen and even on a side table!Circuit Joy Water BottleThe last item I made for my travel bridesmaid gift is a card. Every gift needs a card and the Cricut Joy specializes in quickly making professional handmade cards. Cricut has designed blank Insert Cards exclusively for the Cricut Joy that make card creation super easy! The Cricut Joy Insert Card sets come with everything you need: cards, Insert Cards, and envelopes.

To create your card, place a single card on the card mat. Slide the inside of the card inside the mat and place the top of the card (the area to be cut) on the top, sticky side of the mat. If your card mat is brand new there is a thin clear cover over the sticky mat that needs to be removed. I didn’t remove this on my first cut. 😉Circuit Joy WeddingChoose your card design and have your Cricut Joy make the cuts! I used the “Best Day Ever” card design from Cricut Design Space. Once your card has finished cutting you can easily peel it off the card mat.Circuit Joy Wedding DIYCircuit Joy WeddingThe Cricut Joy card designs in Design Space all come with notched corners so you can easily place an Insert Card into the design to give a finished look – no glue needed!Circuit Joy WeddingCircuit Joy WeddingAnd there you have it! A well rounded bridesmaid gift featuring three items all made under 15 minutes with the Cricut Joy! Whether you want to make bridesmaids gifts, wedding accessories, or simply label items in your house, the Cricut Joy is the perfect cutting machine to personalize items quickly.Circuit Joy Wedding DIYMake sure to visit for more information about the Cricut Joy’s cutting capabilities and even more projects! The Cricut Joy is available online and in-store and is the perfect cutting machine for all of your wedding needs!

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Three Bridesmaids Gifts To Make With Cricut Joy