Strawberry Mountain 2.0 – Part 1

My last Strawberry Mountain Misadventure did not go as I had wanted… While technically I made it up, I didn’t bring the right gear, forgot my gaiters, and big picture had to turn around to come back down due to wet feet. Of course after that, things went sideways as well. But I’m not to be deterred.

Wanting to make it back up, even though it is further into winter at this point, I set my sights on Strawberry Mountain once again. In this video I go over packing up my gear for the adventure. What I choose to bring backpacking with me, why and how I end up packing it up.

Getting ready to set off on an adventure…


Kit Badger T-Shirt

Mountain Khaki 307 Jeans

The makings of a good adventure.

Strawberry Mountain 2.0 – Part 1