“Skeleton Flowers” become transparent when it rains

Say hello to the Skeleton Flower, a white woodland blossom whose petals turn crystal clear when they make contact with water.

Diphylleia grayi, the scientific name of the transparent flower, can be found in only three parts of the world. The plant grows on moist, wooded mountainsides in colder regions of Japan, China and the Appalachian Mountains in the United States, and is instantly recognizable by the rare flowers’ large, umbrella-like leaves. 

Skeleton flowers are unique flowers which turn translucent upon exposure to water and rain. Its white petals become completely clear, then transform back to their original milky white color once dry. The fading of the color in the petals when wet happens because of a loose cell structure present in the white flowers and not due to the pigment being washed out. 

After pollination, the flowers turn into blueberries.

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Source: visualmagick

“Skeleton Flowers” become transparent when it rains