1920s Nurse Uniforms

Today's post 1920s Nurse Uniforms from Vintage Dancer.

Women’s 1920 nurse uniforms reflected some of the fashionable trends of the day. The post-WW1 years led to a rise in the hemline, first to the ankle, then calf, and up to the knee by the end of the decade. Dresses buttoned all the way down the front to make putting them on and taking them off easier for the working woman. Pockets were always included, first at the breast and later by the hips. Sleeves were long and cuffed at the wrist. The general shape of the 1920s nurse uniform was long and slender. Collars started out as wide and fold out over the shoulders but moved to wide and long to aid the lean ’20s silhouette. 1920s Nurse Uniforms were usually white and made of cotton chambray or linen. Ladies wore white stockings with their uniforms and black heels such as a basic single strap Mary Jane. 

Of course, each hospital and each country had its own take on a nurses uniform. The following are generic nurses uniforms sold via catalogs such as Montgomery Wards and Sears.

1922 nurse uniform 1927 nurse uniform 1929 nurse uniform

Patterns were also available for the home sewer.

Late 1920s nurses sewing pattern

Late 1920s nurses sewing pattern- Buy here

Country variations included seperates of skirt and blouse, different styles of caps, white instead of black shoes, black stockings, and shorter sleeves for warmer climates:

1920s French nurses, early 20s, white skirt and blouse uniforms 1921 West Suffolk, Britain. Wearing an older style of uniform with long full skirt and apron and high modest neckline Spain, González Hospital nurse circa 1920 USA 1920s red cross nurses
1920 Nurses uniforms in Morocco Love in Times of War

1920 Nurses uniforms in Morocco: Love in Times of War- Note the blue pinstripe blouses and skirts.

Receiving her Diploma in Nursing degree 1920s

Receiving her Diploma in Nursing degree 1920

Creating a 1920s Nurse Uniform

Modern uniforms with a classic vintage look:

Red Knap Women’s Short Sleeve Work Dress

Adar Universal Fitted Midriff Scrub Dress – Double-breasted coat type

Dress A Med Designer Missy Fit Nurse Dress

Nurse Costumes:

Red Cross Hat– 1920s style

Vintage Nurse- Pre 1920s style

Long Aprons- They run small. For teens and small women only

Reproduction 1920s Dresses

LaVieDelight offers a number of white day dresses. Many of these can be adapted into a nurse uniform. They can also make a custom dress as well as plus sizes.

Eshakti– If you can envision a uniform you can probably get in made at eShakti. They have classic shirt dresses in white that can be made to your extra measurements. If you choose custom size, select the “HIGH POINT SHOULDER TO WAIST” and enter a longer measurement for a drop waist style.  You can also use the “fabric customization” link at the top or choose a dress in another fabric and have it made in white. I plan to do this for a 1920s tennis dress I need this summer.

Sewing Patterns

Plus Size day dress- could be a good start to a nurse uniform

1930s Nurse uniform– Could be used for a late 20s style with a shorter hemline and lower waist

Late 1920s nurses uniform for a 36 bust

S8914- Could be a late 20s nurses dress with a collar added

S8908- Could be an early 20s nurses dress with a belt added


Need help with your 1920s nurse uniform? Just ask.

Today's post 1920s Nurse Uniforms from Vintage Dancer.

1920s Nurse Uniforms