A Review: My Best Summer (Chinese)

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the featured movie, STOP READING HERE. I highly recommend that you watch the movie first, then come back. Fair warning.

Sometimes all it takes is a smile. And I’m here writing again! Movies are easier to digest than a full drama series. That said, I will be sharing with you the movies I have watched and loved during the past months. I’ve been sharing Japanese and Korean movies through the years. But now, I’m expanding my scope to Chinese and Taiwanese movies as well.

Let me start with MY BEST SUMMER. It was officially released last year and I’m glad I catch up! This is a feel-good, coming-of-age movie where we discover why Summer is the best season to discover love. You will experience the warmth of love Yu Huai and Geng Geng shared. The simplicity of the story is something I enjoyed.

No matter which direction I took, there was always you in my eyes. – Geng Geng

Don’t underestimate the love you’ve felt in your youth. It has its own power to consume, and make an impact in your life. That feeling has a unique blend of love that no other time can replicate. Whether in passing or you’ve fallen in love completely, don’t ever be ashamed of  one very important fact, “You loved.”


I prefer to take photos of those beautiful moments I don’t want to forget. As long as I press the shutter, those images will never be washed away by time. – Geng Geng

Geng Geng, I’m gonna call her GG moving forward, has the tenacity to run after the impossible! She isn’t reaching for the stars here. Yu Huai is your average guy on campus. He isn’t the high school heartthrob chased after by girls despite his good looks. Aside from being a physics genius and a basketball player, nothing much is to be desired. Not until Geng Geng started to see him differently.

If I were to look at the story in her POV, I would have to be as insane as her. Crazy enough to think Arthur Chen will fall for me. Another disadvantage GG have is that she’s slow. But I couldn’t blame her because she can’t assume that Yu Huai likes her if he doesn’t say it! I’m just glad that she has friends that made her see the bigger picture. At least she did think of the possibility that Yu Huai likes her. But of course there is a thin line between being the desk mate versus being the girlfriend. In three years, the label is the former. But the heart knows its the latter.

That being said, GG happens to be the boss in this love story. I tell you, this nǚ hái (girl) has the power to move hearts. I hate that its even “effortless”. She didn’t have to change her hairstyle nor dress to impress because he has fallen for her before then! Even if GG makes Yu Huai angry, she’d still melt his heart in just one note and make her buy food in an instant.

One of GG’s best asset is her bravery. GG was determined to become the best version of herself. Armed with patience, she was willing to wait for him. Since she left an indelible mark, that time can’t erase. It is literally and figuratively tattoed on him. They planted a love not just in the forest, that has taken root, so deep.

While waiting, GG didn’t allow her heart to fall for anyone else. Once she’s given it to someone, she refused to take it back. That’s what happened to Geng Geng’s heart that contained Yu Huai for more than seven years! And the counting doesn’t even end.

Salute, girl!


Starting from today, I will protect you. – Yu Huai

Strong words. And he really means it!

Yu Huai is very transparent about his feelings for Geng Geng. He even asked her out! And when he stares at her.. I rest my case. It is so obvious. He wanted to sit beside her during the first day of class, I just knew it was “love that day”. Arthur Chen successfully brought to life what it feels to be captivated during a meet-cute. Literally he “took to heart” the thought of their names together. Sweet. He had me right there. 

Despite that, the fault here is he makes GG feel confused. He says what he feels out loud but covers it up as if he’s simply acting out! Aiyoo. You are far from being a thespian, Yu Huai. Although its pretty obvious that he likes her. I’m glad he isn’t slow into figuring it out. However he has the biggest stumbling block – fear. If I will enter his thoughts, it might go something like this:

Should I allow myself to continue liking GG and forget my Mother’s condition and wants? No. I will give up on her instead. *Sigh

Wrong answer, dude. *Double sigh.

It’s the way he carried the weight of his problem that made everything difficult. I get that he was still young then. At that age, how can he handle it? It was a struggle. Who would choose love over his sick mother? That would be irresponsible if he chooses love. But the most depressing part is that he allowed himself to remain stuck, instead of finding ways to have a better life and providing a stable condition for him and his mother. The “how”part is a very good question in this situation. Surely it would be difficult to care for his mother plus attend a university as a top student/scholar.

But the worse part is, he preferred to leave without saying a word. Sigh. He covered his situation for seven years. I couldn’t help but think he could have done better.


But I think sometimes being in love with someone is like that. You liked her very much, but you kept everything in secret, deep in your heart.

In this story, the biggest mistake is not saying what you truly feel, out loud.

It took seven years before they meet again. They have to be 25 to fully understand their situation, devoid of all the butterflies of love the youth offers. Good thing, Geng Geng was not in a hurry. Because Yu Huai needed time to heal and discover his heart first. I believe maturity does not come with age, but more with time.

If there is a ratio of love, the unrequited love will have a bigger chunk. Happy are those who had the courage to pursue love, at any age. But for those in the position of GG and Yu Huai, love is possible to be kept hidden, even as long as a lifetime. I know! This ratio is bigger that’s why stories like this resonates the most in viewers. Am I the only one who finds this to be true?

Love is love. I think at any age or any stage, it will still resonate with anyone. There is one common feeling for everyone, the heart flutters incessantly. One wants time to stop.

As if we keep running on the road like this, we don’t have anything to worry about. We will neither grow up or grow old. The hands were holding will never be apart.

I adore them together.

GG and Yu Huai spends most of their time together. In spite of their busy student life, they managed to work around it. This movie showed us those heart fluttering moments that I truly enjoyed. I also wished time stopped for them in that age! But this isn’t the life of Peter Pan we are talking about. Everyone will grow up sooner than later.

Personal Thoughts:

Arthur Chen is a beautiful reveal. I’m happy to discover this young man! I knew that the trailer was only a glimpse of what he could do. And boy, did I fall for him! Where else can you find a guy who will voluntarily peel off the skin of a steamed crayfish so you won’t have a hard time eating it? Well, Yu Huai doesn’t even have to do that because he had me already the moment he said the portmanteau of his name with GG that meant “Take to heart” line.

You can give your love a unique version. Even if love is universal, each story has a beautiful process of showing love. The creativity of the writer was shown as the story breaks cliché, one scene from the next. It was a beautiful surprise! Just like that bus scene. I really thought Yu Huai was oblivious that he allowed GG to go home alone. Lo and behold, he chased after her with his bike, and sent her home riding together. Sweet.

I love it when their expectations fail. Whenever Plan A doesn’t work, we tend to forget there is Option B up to Z! I loved that this story provided us with nothing but cliché moments with a twist. I lived for that here! I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t expect the progress for each scenario to happen the way that it did.

I will never get tired watching young love bloom. If it brings back happy memories and feelings of how it was to be in that age, I’m all in, on a heartbeat! I mean, how can I not feel the love watching Arthur Chen? This young man is divine! We have a winner here, people. The future for Chinese movies and dramas is so bright.

As long as you stay true to her, do not give up your hope until the end.

I’m glad this love didn’t give us that hope-torture vibe. I love the ending because it showed us the possibility of a beautiful beginning.

In this fast paced world where everything is instant, I love that we can learn from Geng Geng and love the slowness. At any age, don’t be in a hurry. Try to take the ferry instead of the express train and learn to enjoy every minute. Let’s all understand the meaning of slowness, and use it to our advantage. The best way to learn patience is by waiting. Learn to wait with a purpose. And be surprised how your love story will unfold.

Summer is near, it might be your time.

A bientôt! ❤️

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A Review: My Best Summer (Chinese)