1 Utama Mall Releases Statement Concerning Covid-19 Allegations

The recent spike of Covid-19 cases surfacing in our country, particularly in shopping malls around Klang Valley, has led to several rumours being circulated on the internet, especially on WhatsApp.

In an attempt to avoid further confusion, 1 Utama Shopping Centre came forth to address some fake news that had been spreading online. In this case, they clarified that these fake messages circulating on the instant messaging app are “Untrue”.

“With news of the Covid-19 cases appearing around Klang Valley, we appreciate and understand that everyone is worried. So are we. But it really doesn’t help things by making up imaginary brother-in-laws, yi ma ku cheh (aunties), this friend, or that friend, to cause misinformation and mass hysteria. Fear mongering through drama mingguans (weekly dramas) is not cool,” the shopping mall wrote.

On a more serious note, 1U added that many fellow Malaysians, businesses and retailers have gone through hardships, especially during MCO, and many of them are still struggling. They wrote, “We are all still on a fragile road to recovery. And it is important that we stay united to help our country and economy stay safe and continue progressing.”

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In a related news, the Ministry of Health (MoH) also clarified on the false claims circulating on WhatsApp, saying that it is not safe for locals to visit shopping malls amid the recent hike of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia. As stated by Health Director-General, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, the areas will undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitisation process.

“The locations visited by individuals with positive Covid-19 cases will undergo disinfection and sanitisation. Following this process, it is safe to visit these premises, in accordance to the government’s SOPs. Such inaccurate information may affect other parties. Avoid stigma. Obtain the correct information,” Tan Sri Noor Hisham wrote on MoH’s official Facebook page.

Always double-check the information you receive before spreading it to someone else, in order to avoid unnecessary panic. Stay safe, guys!

Sources: 1 Utama’s Facebook, MoH’s Facebook.

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1 Utama Mall Releases Statement Concerning Covid-19 Allegations