lilac sandals

I’ve made some new shoes!!  the easy way… by doing a workshop!  😉

Lisa of the Shoe Camaraderie came back to Perth to host more shoemaking days, which of course is rather wonderful news for an avid shoe-lover/maker like me!!  I went to her inaugural Perth workshop back in August of last year, and had an absolute blast making these ivory lovelies…  so of course I had to sign up again…  I managed to talk Mum and Cassie into joining me this time, we went along together and all had a fabulous time… BTW though, just want to pop it in right here; the workshop was across the road from the Wild Bakery and that place is DANGEROUS!!  I walked out with a nutty brownie that I’m sure must have had about 10,000 calories.  I nibbled at it over a couple of days though and it was indeed worth every naughty, delectable bite  😉

Anyway!  This style of my new shoes is called the Cosette, and the leather is the absolutely prettiest, most divine shade of lilac/pale blue you can imagine.   Quite heavenly.  When Lisa told me she had sourced it from the Fabric Store, I was just like OH OF COURSE.  Such a beautiful store…. honestly, if a branch ever opened up here I would be totally broke, and staggering home with an obscene quantity of fabric ever week.

Mum made a pair of caramel Astrids, and Cassie made a pair of caramel Freyas.  They both look amazing!!

these are Mum’s shoes; from her instagram

I’m just going to say it; I really really appreciate, not just that Lisa comes over here with such a cool and very fun workshop idea and a chic and elegant product, but also that she offers such a huge range of styles from which to choose.  It’s pretty impressive, actually…  she’s so good at keeping everyone going, explaining the steps the whole class needs to do, as well as helping individuals when you need it too… and at making absolutely sure everyone in the class ends up with a finished pair of sandals by wine and cheese time.  Yes, there is wine and cheese at the finish of the class.  What more could one want?!!

Obligatory progress shots…

…cutting a bazillion teeny skinny strips….

… a pair of little lilac centipedes….

I love that my name is hidden in my sandals! even though no one will ever see it, I know it’s there  😉

just admiring them on the last… nearly finished!

And done!

So, you’re supposed to let them dry for 24 hours before wearing them, but I slipped them on ultra carefully for a quick photo for instagram…. ooo I know; how very naughty! but I seriously COULD NOT resist!  That heavenly colour!  And then immediately slipped them right off again, stowed them reverently in their little cloth bag and dutifully allowed them to languish for a week.

Will I do another workshop if Lisa ever comes back to Perth?  I expect so!!

This how I wore them today in their very first ootd, the first of many I’m sure… and even Sophie thinks they”re pretty cool! look at her checking them out with envious admiration!


Dress; our Carolyn&Cassie Perth dress, in brown linen, details here
Shoes, made by ME also!



can I please have some lilac shoes toooooo?


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lilac sandals