Yoda’s Galaxy Atlas Out Now!

The latest addition to the LEGO Star Wars collection- Yoda’s Galaxy Atlas – is out now to buy at your favorite bookseller!

Inside the two hardback covers of the book are 82 pages of glossy content aimed at kids, ages 7 to 9, who want to learn about the different worlds in the Skywalker Saga – as well as an exclusive Yoda minifigure!

Take a tour of 25 fascinating worlds, from desert planet Tatooine to remote ice world Hoth. Head off the familiar tourist track to Crait, or explore Yoda’s own swamp hideout on Dagobah.

Discover the must sees. Check out reviews and what to pack. Find out who you might bump into along the way!

Available now, Yoda’s Galaxy Atlas is priced $14.99 (Amazon US), $21.77 (Amazon Canada), £12.99 (Amazon UK) and €15.29 (Amazon DE).

Though our planet might be locked down, the rest of the galaxy isn’t so why not treat yourself to some totally fetch travel attire from our Map Of The Galaxy collection, which comes in a variety of colors and styles (including women and kid’s shirts) and locations such as Dagobah, Coruscant, and Tatooine – the planet furthest from the bright center of the galaxy.

Will you be getting this book? Is it for the rivetting read or the exclusive minifigure? We want to know, so share your comments below.

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Yoda’s Galaxy Atlas Out Now!