Yoda’s Galaxy Atlas Preview Now Available From DK

We originally covered the upcoming addition to DK’s long line of publications back in July. Now, more example pages are available on DK’s website to highlight the content we can expect.

As the title suggests, Yoda will guide readers through twenty-five planets from a galaxy far, far away. These page excerpts are pretty cool and show that there will be set and minifigure tie-ins as well as tidbits of information that DK is known for including in their books. This looks to be an fun read for kids and collectors alike.

With a total of eighty-eight pages, it suggests that some planets will have more than just two pages dedicated to them. We can see this in the images above because Mos Eisley gets its own spread which makes sense because we see multiple scenes on Tatooine. The same could be said for Gunga City and Theed both being on Naboo. It will be interesting to see which planets are included.

On several pages we get a glimpse of the exclusive Yoda minifigure that will be included with the book. He comes with four accessories – a staff, a backpack, a camera, and a map of the galaxy – everything Yoda needs for his adventures! It is still slated for an April 2021 release and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.com ($16.99), Amazon.ca ($21.77), and Amazon.co.uk (£13.33).

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Yoda’s Galaxy Atlas Preview Now Available From DK