Mattress in a box

I had been contemplating a new mattress for the last year or so. Ours was over 10 years old and not really top of the line. It developed a sag in the middle and being a pillow top mattress, once you rolled to the middle it was a fight to get out LOL.

Mattresses are big purchases and we needed to shake out the cost of my hysterectomy after all was said and done with insurance to see if it was feasible. Turns out we were in the clear! So, the hard part came in choosing a mattress.

I wanted to go with a mattress in a box because they all come with such long trial periods and free delivery. I have to say that deciding on one was driving me crazy. I had settled on either a Nectar, Tuft & Needle or Purple as the brands that had qualities I was looking for.

One of the top things was a mattress that sleeps cool. For many years I have been roasting at night. Waking up sweaty and just too hot – even in winter. Poor John is wearing flannels and has used an extra blanket on his half of the bed while I slept in a t-shirt.

I finally pressed “place order” on a Tuft & Needle Mint Queen mattress. It was on sale at the time, which was good because that company doesn’t do discounts or coupon codes. They actually have this brand available at Lowes, of all places, but they don’t carry the Mint, which is the upgraded model with the 3 layers I wanted because of the sleep cool factor. The top layer of the Mint has graphite in it, which is what pulls body heat away (I guess that is how it works anyway).

This is the Mint (picture courtesy of

The mattress arrived a few days later in a box. A very heavy box. It must have been 100 pounds. We got that up the stairs and then opened it up. You can just see the rolled up mattress to the right. Sorry there isn’t a better picture of it.

I had mild concerns about the mattress with how banged up the box was, but it was fine inside a heavy duty plastic bag. Very tightly rolled. As soon as we started unrolling it, the mattress started to decompress, so no good picture of it really flat.

We left it for 24 hours just to give it a chance to fully decompress and let it air out from a bit of a “mattress wrapped in plastic” smell. Luckily we have a huge master and room for the queen mattress to be on the floor of the same room. For a 100-year-old house, that is quite the rarity.

Poofed up:

This mattress is a bit firmer than our old one and having a memory foam core means you don’t feel your partner getting in and out of bed, which is awesome! It was a bit weird at first sleeping on a bed that wasn’t sagging LOL.

It took a little getting used to for a few nights, but one thing that is amazing to me? No night sweats!! For a month now I have slept cool and I just can’t get over that. For any of you that are hot sleepers, I can’t recommend this enough! Hooray for graphite 😀

It fit right on our box spring that we already had. Really, it’s just like a regular mattress. The mattress is a couple inches shorter than our old one, so we may have to do something with our headboard to lower it a little. It’s attached to the wall.

There is a trial of 100 nights to return it, but we won’t be doing that. After a couple of weeks, we got rid of our old mattress and are happy on this one. Plus it has a 10 year warranty! Tuft & Needle didn’t pay me anything for this. I just purchased and wanted to share my thoughts!

Mattress in a box