5 Deep Core Exercises While Pregnant

Looking to maintain a strong deep core while you’re pregnant?

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2. The benefits of strengthening your deep core are virtually endless.

If you’re ready to prevent diastasis recti, have a quicker and easier labor, and bounce back faster after having your baby, scroll down below to learn my 5 deep core exercises that are safe for you to do while pregnant!

1. Pelvic Tilts

This is where it all starts, Mama…Yes, right here! This movement is a staple in beginning to waken up, activate and strengthen your deep core. By learning how to connect your breath to your movement, you are setting yourself up for success with any of the other movements that you learn from me.

2. Hip Rolls

Now that you have the pelvic tilt down, you’re going to continue on in going up into a hip roll. Now you may be saying, “These movements aren’t hard enough,” or, “I don’t feel them doing anything.” Know that that’s okay and trust me when I say that the key to a strong core during pregnancy is to strengthen it from the inside out.

image of core exercises while pregnant
3. Reach and Curls

If you’re looking to create balance and stabilization through your deep core, this is the movement for you. There’s more to core exercises than just crunches because your core is greater than the 6-pack muscles you tend to think of.

*Does a 6-pack feel like a foreign concept to you know that you’re bumpin?* That why my safe ab exercises address the entire core while connecting with your body on a deeper level.

4. Plié Curl to Press

When going up into a plié position, you automatically get that deep core to fire! Then by simply adding in the arm movements, it becomes a total body movement that has your whole core activated. That’s a win win in my book!

5. Standing Rotations

This movement has always been a favorite of mine because of the opposition you are creating in your body. Rotation allows the fascia in your deep core to strengthen through gentle activation. Part of what makes this movement so amazing is that they can be done anywhere!

*Don’t be surprised if you see me at Target doing some standing rotations in the refrigerated section!*

There you have it, friend! Five deep core exercises while pregnant easy that you can add into your movement practice.

To see these moves in action, check out >>this video!<<

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5 Deep Core Exercises While Pregnant