Weekly Wrap-Up 3/29

Good morning my friends and welcome to a new week.  This is day 9 for me staying at home.  No need to leave for anything just yet.
Hope you are all staying in and staying safe.

This week has been forsythia, daffodils and bright gold finches!  AND bunnies!!!!  Oh yes, I am seeing bunnies again!   Yellows and greens are the colors of the week.  The yards are greening and everything is popping up and growing.  The peonies are really jumping up and my rhubarb is such a pretty plant at this time.  Roses are getting new growth.
And then there is the mud!!!!!!  It sure has been wet this spring and there is just so much mud.
We have had decent temps this week.  Wednesday was so foggy in the morning - you could hardly see across the street!  Last night we had quite a thunderstorm come through and there is a small lake in the back yard  this morning!
Today is crazy WINDY!!!!  Big wind advisory till tonight.

MY week was a  lot of small things:
  • Did a huge vacuum - under, behind , on and over things.  Moved so many furniture items
  • Cut some wild onions to use in cooking
  • Made up a new bottle of dish soap and one of shampoo
  • Cleaned out some really old jars of home canned goods I came across - emptied and cleaned jars
  • Cooked up some dry baby lima beans
  • Did some yard work and clean-up.  Had a couple perfect days for cutting and pulling and bagging things
  • Cut the front grass!!!!!!  IT HAS BEGUN.  (Amazingly it got the neighbors out doing the same)
  • Got the rain barrels out and set up
  • Did a little cleaning in the garage
  • Heat off and windows open a lot this week!
  • Put the spring decor on both doors
  • Mended my work tennis shoes (I'll show that this week)
  • Stayed home all week and spent ZERO money!
  • Cooked up enough ground meat for a couple meals
  • All the normal things - made a gallon of tea, also drinking favored water, laundry, cleaning, etc.
Meals this past week:
Baked potato topped with leftover chili and sour cream
Baby lima beans, smoked sausage and salad
Beef burger patty and pizza rolls
Scratch pizza (used half of gr. beef I cooked)
Pizza pasta - (other half of meat, pizza sauce and mushrooms left)
Egg sandwich and tortilla chips and homemade salsa
Spicy beans and rice with smoked sausage and biscuits
Homemade pizza - it was so yummy.  Pizza pasta and garlic toast for another day.  Just using what I have.  This week seemed to have an pizza theme!

How has your week been?  Are you keeping busy?  Are you finding new things to cook/bake?
There were no grocery ads here this week - probably a good thing - no risk of being tempted to go out!

This coming week I may do some extra posts.  I think I will post some ideas or recipes that I have snipped that are for some super easy dishes.  I think many people are getting into stretching the food pantries as far as possible (and budgets) and easy and fun recipes may help.
We need to look at this situation as our "new normal" for a while - so we might as well learn and practice some new things and ways of doing things.

Try to watch, read, and listen to positive uplifting things. Pass on positive words and hope to others.  Smile and laugh whenever possible.  I am so afraid stress and worry is going to do more long term damage that the current situation.  Don't be a victim!
Please know I pray for you all and hope you stay safe and healthy.  We are all in this together - we need to be each others support and rock!

Blessings from my humble little home to yours.
God bless you all.

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/29