2019 NoBudge Short Films of the Year

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We’re approaching our year-end list differently this year. From 2013-2018, we gave out Best Of awards in several different categories (i.e. Best Film, Best Performance, Best Editing), but this year we’re simplifying, and moving away from the term “Best.” 2019 was another record year for us - we posted 232 movies, conducted over 200 filmmaker interviews, and hosted 6 sold out screenings/parties in Brooklyn. Here are 19 films we’d like to designate as our NoBudge Short Films of the Year, films that resonated in a new way, introduced an exciting new voice, or were most representative of the NoBudge mission. Note: All films that were released on NoBudge this year were eligible, even if they were made in years past. We screened 7 feature films this year, which were not eligible for this list, but worthy of mention.

NoBudge Short Films of 2019

Afronauts (Nuotama Bodomo)

Allen Anders - Live at the Comedy Castle (circa 1987) (Laura Moss)

Things That Happen (Bobby McCoy)

Nevada (Emily Ann Hoffman)

Molly’s Single (Ariel Gardner)

Ready for Love (Dylan Pasture, Lauren McCune)

Unfinished, 2017 (Mixed Media) (Rafael Salazar Moreno)

The Inconceivable Mountain (Daniel Witkin)

Catherine (Jake Kolton)

Ralph Styles Ultra (Nic fforde)

Verde (Victoria Rivera)

Good Girl Jane (Sarah Elizabeth Mintz)

The Person I Am When No One is Looking (Kailee McGee)

True Blue (Chris Osborn)

Koreatown (Grant Hyun)

Too Long at the Fair (Jessie Barr and Lena Hudson)

Farewell Winona (Daiva Žalnieriunas)

Medusa (India Donaldson)

Leaving Hope (Caspar Newbolt)

Source: nobudge.com

2019 NoBudge Short Films of the Year