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UPDATE: It appears VA Tasker is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives or see below. If you own this listing or this information is incorrect, contact me here.

VA Tasker is an India-based virtual assistant company located in Kolkata. They are one of the newer VA companies in the space starting operations in 2018.

They supply virtual assistants with well-rounded skill sets to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.

About VA Tasker

The company was founded by two childhood friends, Steve and Krish. Although VA Tasker is their most recent venture, both have a good deal of experience in the virtual assistant space.

All of their assistants are based in their offices, and they provide a wide range of services from marketing and SEO, to general administration work.

How It Works

VA Tasker has outlined a simple 3-step process to start working with one of their VAs.

  1. “Get In Touch” – Contact a member of their team “Anytime, any day!” to discuss your requirements, what you need from an assistant, and they’ll get back to you with a quote.
  2. “Keep In Touch” – They will assign the best-suited assistant to start working with you. You can communicate with your VA directly going forward or a member of their support team if you have any questions.
  3. “Be Impressed” – Step 3 is to enjoy their services and the newfound free time from outsourcing some of your workload to one of their assistants.


VA Tasker says they specialize in two areas:

  • Technical – Things like design work and web development tasks.
  • Non-technical – Online research, social media management, administrative work.

They also add, “We do anything and everything that can be done virtually through the Internet without having any physical involvement.”

So, whatever tasks you’re looking to outsource, I recommend contacting a member of their team and discussing how long they think it will l take and if they have assistants available with the necessary experience and skills.

Plans and Pricing

VA Tasker has six different pricing plans.

Their smallest plan is for 10 hours and works out at $12 per hour, while a full-time assistant working 8 hours a day works out at $5.70 per hour.

A complete list of their pricing plans is as follows:

  • $120 per month for 10 hours per month ($12 per hour).
  • $220 per month for 20 hours per month ($11 per hour).
  • $300 per month for 30 hours per month ($10 per hour).
  • $440 per month for 50 hours per month ($8.80 per hour).
  • $600 per month for 80 hours per month ($7.5 per hour).
  • Full-Time Assistant – $999 per month for 176 hours per month ($5.70 per hour).
  • Pay-As-You-Go – $15 per hour.

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You have 30 days to use the hours with any of their plans, and there is a member of their support team available 24/7 if you have any questions.

They also offer a 3-hour free trial, so you can test their services before committing to a plan if you wish.

VA Tasker Alternatives

Looking at other highly rated virtual assistant companies based in India, I recommend checking out VA Talks and My Tasker, both offer a similar range of services and pricing.

When I asked VA Tasker what separates them from their competitors they said, “We believe in quality and the best response times…. building a bond or connection with our clients.“

Their free trial is the best way to put their claims to the test.

Your Turn

Have you worked with VA Tasker? If so, please leave a review below to help others with their decision.

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VA Tasker