Mind+Matter: 2021

Mind+Matter LLC

53 State Street, 24th Floor

Boston, MA 02109








Account wins 15

Active business clients 91

Brands by 2020 sales

Brand-product accounts held 133



Consumer digital/web/mobile 15%

Market research/data/analytics 15%

Professional digital/web/mobile 15%

Professional print ads 11%

Sales materials 11%

UX design 10%

Public relations 7%

Direct marketing 5%

Mar-tech/ad-tech 5%

Consumer print ads 2%

Promotional medical education 2%

Consumer broadcast 1%

Payer marketing 1%









Baxter Healthcare




Boehringer Ingelheim

Castle Creek



CSL Behring




EIT Health


Fresenius Kabi


Health for Animals

Higher Nature


Holland & Barrett International







Novo Nordisk





Roche Diagnostics International








Thornton & Ross




World Child Cancer


“The year 2020 witnessed alarming and virtually unprecedented change on a global scale,” say leaders at Mind+Matter. “But it wasn’t all bad.”

The year saw the launch of Mind+Matter, “a global creative communications agency unafraid to confront the toughest challenges in the ever-changing world of health.”

Mind+Matter “is the sum total of passionate experts” from three Ashfield Health agencies: Cambridge BioMarketing, Pegasus, and Ashfield Digital and Creative. 

“The agency created itself – structure and identity – around the belief that every matter of health is a matter of life,” management says. “For Mind+Matter that means being committed to creating meaningful experiences, driven by data and emotions, to ultimately change behaviors that impact health. The agency’s work spans the breadth of health: deep pharma, consumer health and beauty, animal health, and the very edge of breakthrough science.” 


According to the leadership team, success throughout 2020 was “buzzworthy” and “the momentum continues.” 

Mind+Matter won 15 new client engagements, adding those to an existing roster of nearly 80, including 14 AOR assignments. 

“The new business successes came as the smoke was clearing from several launches: among them Eiger’s Zokinvy, the first treatment for progeria; and Orladeyo, the first ever oral treatment for hereditary angioedema from BioCryst,” Mind+Matter management says.

Along with the new business wins and organic growth, the agency’s leaders say Mind+Matter has become “a talent magnet, adding more than 40 new employees to their 240 strong, further validating how much their purpose resonates with today’s top talent.” 

“While Mind+Matter doesn’t work for accolades, the impact they make is award-winning,” the leadership team says. “Over the past year they have garnered more than 10 industry awards. They’re always looking to achieve more by pushing to be better. As Mind+Matter Global President Ben Beckley likes to say, ‘It’s not just about strong partnerships, or A teams. We are driven to surpass the bar we just set.’” 


According to the agency’s leaders, Mind+Matter is structured in a way that allows truly global teams – having base locations in Boston, New York City, Oakland, Manchester, Brighton, London, Manchester, and Oxford – that are unique to client challenges. 

“These teams are the perfect blend of client partnership, strategy, creative, and experience,” management says. “Each team excels, translating data and emotions into extraordinary and impactful connections. All this plus the operational efficiency to exact flawless delivery every time.”

According to management, “The organizational structure, perfected for the integrated experiences they create, was made to fulfill behavior change methodology. This gives Mind+Matter the power to influence everything from prescribing behaviors to attitudes and perceptions within health.”

The leadership team points out that the agency’s proprietary framework, CHANGE™, was developed with University College London’s renowned Centre for Behavior Change to help measure the lasting, real-world impact of the agency’s work.

“CHANGE is made up of four pillars – Insights, Intervention, Inspiration, Impact. And it’s these pillars that organize and demand Mind+Matter’s internal expertise and capabilities,” agency executives say. “They not only reveal deep understanding of markets and audiences, but also the behaviors that need to change, how to change them, and their effectiveness.”

Some agencies try to jump straight into the pool of cool ideas, but according to this agency’s leaders, Mind+Matter starts with insights informed by deep data. The agency’s data scientists aggregate data and apply proprietary descriptive analytics to predict behavior and personalize the omnichannel experience.

“Mind+Matter boasts a strategically driven creative team that helps clients execute compelling messaging and campaigns in the right channels to create an ecosystem of communications, in which each channel amplifies the impact of the next,” agency management says. “No matter the ask, Mind+Matter’s courageous creative conceptualizes and produces ideas that deliver goosebumps. It designs immersive experiences that are focused in human-centered design, transforming the user through a seamless journey that is crafted on what matters to them. Throughout, the medical team is integrated into all strategies, creative execution, messaging, and omnichannel programs, ensuring they are medically sound and accurate for the audience.”

As part of the Ashfield Health network, Mind+Matter has access to subject matter experts in medical communications, PR, market access, and more – all available to drive the most powerful behavior-changing interventions for audiences.


There are a number of growth and future plan areas for the organization. Mind+Matter and its network, Ashfield Health, are well poised to be the leaders in cell and gene therapies, adding that the agency’s experts are making an impact on four of the five currently approved cell and gene therapies, and its roster already includes more than 25 companies in the cell and gene therapies space. 

In addition, the group’s data practice has seen 300 percent growth year over year, and agency leaders expect that again heading into 2022. According to the global leadership team, clients are bringing the agency into the conversations and challenges of these molecules and disease areas earlier than they have seen before. 

“Mind+Matter’s immediate global scale, market development, behavioral science, omnichannel, and launch expertise provide clients with the full-service support they are looking for beyond the traditional pharma marketing agency.” 

Geographically, Mind+Matter has also seen growth. Growing from three offices to six in 2020, agency leaders continue to aggressively look at mergers and acquisitions for companies that can bolster much of the great work Mind+Matter are doing in their local areas.


(top row left to right) Alisa Shakarian, global creative director; Ben Beckley, global president; Annemarie Crivelli, global director, experience
(middle row left to right) Carina Whitridge, managing director, US East; Corrina Safeio, managing director, UK
(bottom row left to right) Sonia Hall – global director, HR; Lisa Costa, VP finance and operations, US; Jason Smith, finance director, UK

Over the past 16 months, stretching back to the beginning of 2020, so many people have been faced with hardships. And Mind +Matter, time and again, showed their support in myriad ways,” management says. 

Key initiatives that were spearheaded and championed by Mind+Matter were the #MarkForHeroes social media campaign; the social justice and education campaign, Black Health Matters; continued support of the rare disease community through Rare in Common; as well as donating time and resources to numerous community fundraising and charity events for families hit hardest throughout the year, with extra focus given throughout the holiday season. 


Source: pharmalive.com

Mind+Matter: 2021