Fun Facts Friday {5/1}

1. Well hey there! It’s been a minute. The gift of time was just not on my side this week, but I’m excited to catch up a bit today. How have ya been?! We’re hangin’ in there. We have our really good days, we have our bad days, and we even have our “how soon is too soon to pour my drink” kinda days.

It’s funny, since we’re home all day, every day these days, but I long for weekends more than ever now. Just not having to be at the computer working makes things 1000x different and allows us to actually have some fun and enjoy our time, rather than just racing to get through an utterly chaotic day. So, Friday, I am thrilled you’re here!

2. We’ve been making some pretty killer margaritas lately.

I suppose you could say we’re just getting a head start on Cinco de Mayo. ; )

Speaking of, anyone have any favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes?! THESE RECIPES (and post) is pretty old, but that cake is seriously delicious. Check it out!

3. So I ordered these Fleece Lounge Jogger Pants from Target a few weeks ago (when I quickly realized that my leggings/jogger collection was not prepared for this) and, I swear to you, they may be one of the coziest pairs of pants I’ve ever owned. I know they’re fairly low stock right now, but I’m keeping my eye on them to see if they bring more back, because I want all the colors (I bought the green ones and they’re so cute)!

4. How much baking have all of YOU been doing these days?? I actually thought I’d be doing more, but I did make a batch of jumbo chocolate chip cookies over the weekend and, mmm mmm mmmmm, they were amazing.

I used THIS RECIPE, but subbed a combo of chocolate chips + Heath bits for the peanut butter cups/pieces. My favorite!!

5. One day last week, Lucas and I got talking about exercise and I asked him if he’d like to go for a run with me one of these days. Mind you, I do not enjoy running outdoors, but I thought it might be something fun for the two of us to do. Well, he was THRILLED with the idea, and we ventured on our first run last weekend.

And it made my mama heart SO happy. I swear, he engaged in more conversation with me on that run than he had all week. We talked about the beautiful mornings, and nature, and birds, and germs, and feelings…and I think it was just something we really both needed.

6. Then he wrote about it in his weekend journal, and it left me smiling from ear to ear.

In case you’re wondering, that’s sweat dripping off both of us..!

7. So I came across this article yesterday regarding the debate about lockdowns. And honestly, it was one of the first articles I’ve read that was really able to articulate how I’ve felt. And it makes you think. It was really, really well written, and I’d say it’s definitely worth a read. <3

8. I think I’ve been averaging a hair wash about twice a week since we’ve been home, and I don’t think I’ve ever used so much dry shampoo. But man, it feels SO good to actually wash and curl it every now and then…even if it is filled with split ends!

9. So I bought a bag of sweet potato “toasts” in my last Walmart grocery pickup, and I had high hopes since I’d tried this before by actually slicing and toasting a sweet potato and it was really good. Unfortunately, these were just not really good.

I don’t know if I just wasn’t patient enough and didn’t look them cook as long as they should, or if they really did have a weird taste. But either way, I was super bummed.

10. So now, I’ll just stick with the real toast.

11. Last week, Lucas got the sweetest surprise when we happened to catch his teacher running down our driveway and noticed she had left him this little sign.

We’ll be keeping it right there for him to see out the window for as long as we have to.

Alright friends, that’s all I’ve got! I wish you all a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead. Stay well! <3

Fun Facts Friday {5/1}