Some FBI Images Of A Capitol Rioter Had A Lot Of People Joking It’s Rick Moranis


The FBI has been using social media to help crowdsource some of its investigations into just who stormed the US Capitol in a riot that left several people dead and shook the country at large in January. There’s a lot of “talk sh*t, get hit” style moments here, with a lot of the same people the FBI are looking for found elsewhere saying they either did nothing wrong or admitting that, yes, they were there doing treason.

But some of the isolated images have gotten bigger reactions than others, including one shared on Sunday that looked a lot like a very famous movie star: Rick Moranis.

The actor hasn’t done much work lately, but he’s certainly still remembered by many. And so when the image circulated of a man that looks a bit like him hit social media, well, it got a lot of reactions on Twitter.

Moranis, unfortunately, has been the victim of violence himself in recent months. The reclusive actor made headlines late last year when someone sucker-punched him in Manhattan during an incident that was captured on camera. That brought outrage, and eventually justice, but it would be a pretty wild leap for Moranis to go from unfortunate victim to Capitol rioter in a few short months.

Mostly, though, people just wanted to make jokes about the helmet-clad usurper looking a lot like Moranis from Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

With all the attention the post has gotten, it’s likely a matter of time before we actually know who this person is. But right now it should be made clear that it’s not Rick Moranis. No matter what goofy hat you put on him.

Some FBI Images Of A Capitol Rioter Had A Lot Of People Joking It’s Rick Moranis