Zimbabwe Cricket chairman reacts to Streak ban by the ICC

Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter

ZIMBABWE Cricket chairman, Tavengwa Mukuhlani has welcomed and endorsed the International Cricket Council’s decision to ban former Zimbabwe captain as well as coach Heath Streak from all cricket activities for eight years after he accepted five charges of breaching the ICC Anti-Corruption Code.

Mukuhlani said for a sporting discipline that prides itself as the gentleman’s game, Streak’s ban is a sad and might go down as the darkest day for the game in Zimbabwe.

“For a sporting discipline that prides itself as the gentlemen’s game, this is a very sad and shameful episode that might well go down in history as the darkest day in Zimbabwean cricket,’’ Mukuhlani said.

He feels that when Streak turned out and captained Zimbabwe before he later on became coach, he was a respected figure by many who saw him as an icon of the game.

“As he represented and captained Zimbabwe before later coaching the national side over the years, Streak was a powerful figure adored by many and held up as an idol for future generations of cricketers. In doing this, he held a position of trust and owed a duty to uphold the integrity of the game,’’ said Mukuhlani.

Albeit, as it has now come now, Mukuhlani said Streak was also a corrupt, greedy and selfish character who regrettably abused his status and position in pursuit of dirty benefits.

The ZC boss feels Streak has disappointed many who hero worshipped him.
“He has let cricket down. He has let down the teams and players he coached. He has let the nation down. He has let down the fans, including impressionable children, who loved and idolised him.”

Mukuhlani said while the local cricket fraternity recovers from the damage caused by Streak’s banning, he is hopeful that the punishment handed out to the former skipper will strengthen measures to fight any wrongdoing in the sport.

“While we have been left to pick up the pieces from the damage, it is our hope that the punishment meted out on Streak will help to reinforce the measures that the ICC and ZC have been taking to root out any wrongdoing in cricket.”

Mukuhlani warned offenders and would-be offenders that corruption has no place in cricket and ZC will ensure that those who engage in it are put out of the game and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The ZC boss said they will continue to actively within their structures and with the ICC to combat criminality in all of its forms and to ensure that cricket remains clean locally and globally. _@Mdawini_29

Zimbabwe Cricket chairman reacts to Streak ban by the ICC