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Starting October 25, owners of Nintendo accounts and Nintendo Online users will no longer be able to sign in using either Twitter or Facebook. That’s based on recent reports following an announcement made by the gaming company via Twitter.

That means that users of Nintendo’s current run of consoles will need to remember their account email and password. Nintendo will require those for users that had previously signed in, once the change goes into effect.

However, the change is hardly unexpected. The ability for Twitter and Facebook accounts to link to a Nintendo account chiefly served as an easy way to add friends to the Online service. Summarily, to make playing games with friends and family easier. Now, Nintendo allows users to directly add friends via the Nintendo Online app. Since that app serves as the social hub for the console, the use of social networks isn’t necessarily required anymore. Or any faster or easier.

With Twitter and Facebook removed, are Nintendo accounts undergoing any other changes?

Now, users will still be able to sign into Nintendo using either a Google or Apple account. That is if they’ve already linked those. Otherwise, those looking for a faster sign-in will want to link those accounts if they’ve got them.

It isn’t immediately clear whether or not those with Nintendo accounts will still be able to share images from the Nintendo Switch to Twitter or Facebook, following the change, either. Although those shared already to the two tech giant’s respective sites will remain posted. The company has not yet responded to questions on the matter. But the latest of Nintendo’s top-rated consoles isn’t the only gadget impacted.

Users of Nintendo’s older gadgets will no longer be able to share images to Twitter or Facebook from those gadgets on October 25, either. That means that Wii U and Nintendo 3DS users won’t be able to share images of their favorite games and more. The news comes just ahead of those consoles losing access to their respective “eShops,” and related games and apps, slated for closure on March 27 of next year.


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