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Nintendo was slow to get into the mobile scene. They did so with tippy toes, so to speak, with the likes of Super Mario Run in the beginning. They’ve since released several titles in their biggest franchises for mobile adapting more to the usual mobile tactics. It’s paid off for them, even if at a relatively slow pace, as combined revenue from their games have now passed $1 billion in lifetime player spending according to Sensor Tower.

Interestingly, the number one game is Fire Emblem Heroes. While that franchise has grown significantly over the years, it’s still not to the level of a Mario or Zelda on mainline consoles. Heroes has struck a cord though as a whooping 61% comes from that game alone. Maybe more interesting is how the Mario games are all three battling at the bottom. Even Mario Kart Tour is behind Dragalia Lost and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This list does not include Pokemon titles.

Nintendo hasn’t announced any other mobile efforts as of now, but the company seems to be getting pretty cozy with mobile. It’s inevitable that more IPs will make their way to your iOS and Android devices soon.