Nintendo Switch

Ever since Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch console which works both as a home console and a mobile gaming device, it was evident that the company is eventually going to stop supporting the 3DS. For nearly decades, the particular model was the favorite among gamers who wanted to check out Zelda, Mario or any other title on the go.

The big difference is that Nintendo had the Wii and then the Wii U in the past which ensured the 3DS had its own place in the ecosystem. However, the Nintendo Switch changed the game forever by providing the best of both worlds in the same package. This has eventually forced the company to not fret over a now ageing console and focus better on the one that has been doing really well in terms of sales as well as third-party titles.

The official confirmation comes from none other than Nintendo as the company has shut down all Nintendo 3DS listings and releases on their Japanese website. It has now been confirmed that moving forward they will look into the future with not only the existing Switch but there might be new console releases, more powerful as well. However, they will be hybrid to cover both the home console and mobile gaming space.

Nintendo Switch FanMade

Previously, they did confirm that third-party titles will still be coming to the 3DS in the near future. A fan made a render of a possible Nintendo Switch Pro with an actual D-Pad and completely revised design. Nintendo is definitely not going to launch a new console this year but we could only hope with E3 2019 just around the corner. Even if the company would launch a new console later into 2019, it should possibly look like this. Olivier Raymond Industrial Design has designed the new console in which they have increased its screen size by 25% and is an exceptionally powerful machine on the inside.

The company suggests using AMD’s latest 7 nm chipset with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space which would definitely work in Nintendo’s favor as they bring in more AAA third-party titles to the console. The improved specs will lead to increased pricing but it is to be seen if we might get a new 2020 Nintendo Switch along with a pricier but more powerful Pro edition as well.