This week in NoSQL, Neo4j reaches a new milestone, and DZone releases a must-have developer reference to MongoDB with Refcard 171, MongoDB: Flexible NoSQL for Humongous Data.


Neo4j 1.9.M04 Released 

VoltDB Announces VoltDB 3.0

MongoDB: Flexible NoSQL for Humongous Data 

This Week's Top 5 NoSQL Links

1.  On Developing MongoDB for the Last 5 Years - Author of the MongoDB Refcard

DZone interviews Kristina Chodorow, who gives some insight into MongoDB, the popular NoSQL solution. She also suggests some great further reading.

2.  Lotus Notes, a Lesson in Poor UX 

As a longtime Outlook user, I've had the exciting experience of learning how to use Lotus Notes.

3. Java Development with MongoDB 

Here is a Java-focused presentation on developing with MongoDB. The agenda includes Java driver basics, Morphia, and options beyond the Java language, such as Groovy and Grails.

4. Working with Cassandra on OpenShift 

On Tuesday, OpenShift Evangelist Shekhar Gulati published a tutorial for getting started with Cassandra on OpenShift.

5. Cloudifying Couchbase 

As architects, developers or site reliability engineers, you probably use cloud infrastructure platforms at some stage of application deployment, either development, staging or production.