NVIDIA’s GeForce Now continues to lose games at a faster pace despite recent additions. NVIDIA has now announced that all titles from Warner Bros., Xbox Game Studios, Codemasters and Klei will lose support for the game streaming service on April 24. The platform has been losing major game titles at a brisk pace. The latest confirmation was buried inside a post meant to highlight support for other big names in the world of gaming.

The GeForce Now platform seems to have made some creators happy while many others are unhappy. In a post, it highlighted support from names like Bandai Namco, Bungie, Epic Games and Ubisoft. Since its launch in early February, the service has lost games from multiple publishers including 2K Games, Activision Blizzard and Bethesda. At the same time, more games have come to the cloud gaming service. The exit of big studios suggests that GeForce Now has not received broad-based industry support.

NVIDIA GeForce Now is bleeding game titles

Cloud gaming is seen as the next big frontier for game developers and hardware makers. Microsoft is set to compete directly with GeForce Now with its own service named Project xCloud. It only makes sense for Microsoft to remove Xbox Games Studios catalogue from the rival platform. By offering gaming titles on its own platform, Microsoft stands to benefit and also drive adoption of its service.

NVIDIA and Microsoft are not the only players in this growing and competitive cloud gaming service. PlayStation Now and Google Stadia are two other popular platforms in this segment. With cloud gaming services, you can stream games to your TV without a game console or a gaming PC for a fee. This eliminates the need for an expensive hardware and pushes gaming to the edge. All you need is a screen, a controller to play and fast, stable internet connection.