Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the Oculus Link feature which will give Oculus Quest owners access to the full library of the Rift experiences this November via a software update. The announcement was made during Facebook’s keynote at the Oculus Connect 6 conference. The new feature allows Quest owners to connect their headsets to gaming PCs through a USB-C cable. It’s a simple hack that transforms your standalone virtual reality headset into a fully functional Oculus Rift headset.

The November update will blur the line between the standalone VR headset and the PC-based experience. Tethering Quest headsets to PCs enables users to experience more graphically rich content than what is currently available from a standalone VR headset powered using a mobile chipset.

Oculus Link
Oculus Link

Not much is known about the limitations of the software update yet. From the announcement, it seems that the system will rely on the recent USB-C cords although users will need a special cable that will allow them a power-passthrough.

Both the Oculus Quest and Rift S headsets already share a lot of system specs which may be a sign that Facebook is pursuing an all-in for its Quest headset and this could be a first step to the phasing out of the PC VR. The future of virtual reality is definitely a standalone untethered one. Users will prefer these due to the convenience and as soon as tech innovation allows, manufacturers are likely to begin rolling out more of this hardware.

The feature will make the Oculus Quest an even better gateway into virtual reality. It means you no longer have to make the trade-off between the high-performance high-spec Rift S and the standalone experience offered by the Quest headset. For just $400, you will now get your hands on a virtual reality headset which you will be able to use anywhere to run even more complex virtual reality experiences. Oculus Link offers headset owners a lot of flexibility and with this update, the Rift S is likely to be even more irrelevant in the future.