Never forget as an architect that most people talking about digitalisation are dumb on the subject and I do not mean this in a bad way. Most people get the basic concept of the idea and stop there. For example I have seen many people installing a firewall and DMZ in their digital environment, but not configure it (including some architects) as they think from a non digitalised world where it is often enough just to put a human guard next to the door not thinking of instructions. Another example is that many managers will ship incomplete code as a deadline approaches, not realising that in a fully digitalised system there are often no staff users filling out the non functional gaps. Here people will just implement digitalisation with the same approach they have used in implementing enterprise systems.

But the ignorance and stupidity is not limited on technology. I see many architects that forget that before you can digitalise you first have to industrialise, as the code will have to have a clear functional requirement. Often these experts than come up with arguments that it is to late for industrialisation forgetting that digitalisation relies on computers that unlike humans have no scope for improvisation.

So all this usually happens because people will often refuse to think. Therefore it is important to educate on the basics, which is quite hard, as implying a level of stupidness on fellow workers can easily backfire. So it is best often to do a basic training telling everyone that this is not really for them but just for the other guys. This way I have often seen that some of the really stupid and ignorant fellow staff will understand the basics on digitalisation before starting to wreck havoc all over the place and make my life a misery.