There’s no question about it. The Sales Enablement space is crowded and confusing. There are plenty of reasons why. For one, many technologies are adding new features which leads to an overlap between technologies.

In addition, Sales Enablement means different things to different people. As an example, if you’re in marketing, it might mean making content available to salespeople. If you’re in learning & development, it might mean making skills development and training available to salespeople.

Another (big) reason is that vendors aren’t making it easy for buyers to understand the unique value they bring. Case in point, we recently audited 15 Sales Enablement solution sites to capture their main messaging. This would be the one or two sentences vendors lead with on their home page.

See if you can guess which Sales Enablement vendor said what in our new series, “Who Said it?”

Answers can be found here, on the Smart Selling Tools site.

note: This article first appeared on LinkedIn on April 11 and has been revised in the following ways: the matrix has been updated to fix an error in the description for item 5.