OnePlus 7T review: Premium features for less

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OnePlus’s phones used to be really easy to understand. Now, you need some kind of decoder to figure out what's new.

Take the new OnePlus 7T. Like Apple’s “S” iPhones, OnePlus’s “T" Android phones used to denote an improved version of the previous numbered model.

Naturally, you might think the OnePlus 7T replaces the OnePlus 7 Pro that launched in May. But that’s not the case.

See, while the U.S. only got the OnePlus 7 Pro, there was also a OnePlus 7 released in other regions. Back to the new OnePlus 7T — it’s a successor to the OnePlus 7. But for U.S. customers, it’s technically the replacement to the OnePlus 6T. I told you it’s confusing! Read more...

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