We were so focused on the coming of the Lohanaissance, we were in danger of missing the Franaissance! Thank god HBO Max wasn’t about to let that happen, and now everybody’s tapping their foot to the theme song from The Nanny and making sure its star Fran Drescher gets her flowers. Lord knows that her character Fran Fine has given us plenty of them herself. Not only flowers but also stars and stripes, polka dots and plaid, zebra and leopard, sequins and snakeskin, leather and feathers, lace and latex and camo and cashmere. One of Fran’s most iconic outfits featured a rainbow-striped vest that costume designer Brenda Cooper once calledthe inspiration and the embryo of the Fran Fine character.” Recently, Fran proved that she’s still got IT, both figuratively and literally, and posted a picture on Instagram to prove it.

Here’s Fran wearing the very same rainbow-striped Moschino vest she wore on The Nanny.

Honestly, how dare she. Not one of those buttons is straining, not even a little bit! Here’s how Fran looked in the vest on the show.

That vest is one of the only pieces of Fran’s wardrobe that’s been preserved. According to Today, most of it ended up getting sold to a thrift store instead of where it belongs — The Fran Fine Museum of Stunting on These Hos!

“When a show completes, all of the wardrobe goes into a central department at the studios,” Cooper told Hello Giggles in 2018. “It’s like a graveyard of all of these clothes. I went to track down the wardrobe which was at Sony, and it had just been sold to a thrift store in the Valley. I called the thrift store and I begged them; I told them I was the designer of ‘The Nanny’ and they wouldn’t help me. People today have pieces of clothing in their wardrobe that are the original ‘Nanny’ wardrobe and probably don’t know that.”

Hey, you there in the Day-Glo polka dot jumpsuit with the marabou feather sleeves, that could be Fran’s! Give it back. It belongs to the world!

Pic: Wenn.com