Oracle Integration (OIC) has a rich set of security capabilities to enable our customers to connect applications and technologies in a secure manner. We continue to enhance Oracle Integration to provide additional enhancements and features on existing Application Adapters.

In the November 2020 release, Oracle Integration added the following capabilities to third party application adapters:

  • Salesforce Adapter:  Enablement for Salesforce Government Cloud Customers
  • ServiceNow Adapter: Graceful downgrade of User Experience
  • PayPal Adapter Inbound Support and New Modules
  • Shopify Adapter New Modules

Salesforce Adapter:  Enablement for Salesforce Government Cloud Customers

In the recent past, the Salesforce Adapter was enhanced with the elimination of the need to upload the enterprise WSDL on the Connections page. With this enhancement the customers, who were using the Salesforce Government Cloud, were unable to create new connections due to login considerations as mentioned in this help document. With the November release, the Salesforce Adapter provides support to create a connection of the application that can integrate with Salesforce Government Cloud.

You simply need to select the target Salesforce instance type as Government and provide your custom domain name and API version on the Connections page. So let's start with a quick tour of the new field on the Connection page: Read the complete article here.

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