Last year, Motorola took the wraps off their first attempt at a foldable smartphone in the form of the Motorola Razr. As is the case with all the foldable phones we’ve seen, the Razr did not come cheap, and to make things worse, it did not come with 5G. To pay that much money for a smartphone without 5G felt downright criminal.

There were rumors that the company could follow up with a 5G variant this year, and if that is what you were hoping for, prepare to be disappointed. This is because according to analyst Ross Young, he believes that Motorola’s 5G Razr smartphone might not be launching this year after all, and that it could actually be delayed to 2021.

According to Young, this is apparently due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the entire world, causing factories and supply chains to be temporarily shut down. As a result, Young believes that this has caused a delay of the phone by an entire quarter, thus forcing Motorola to launch it in the early part of 2021 instead.

Now, Motorola has yet to confirm if a 5G version is in the works so we can’t say with certainty that such a device even exists to begin with, but in any case for now, if you were looking forward to the 5G variant, don’t hold your breath.

Source: PhoneArena