It’s sequels galore as we explore the next five games in our most wanted list. We’re always excited to see what new worlds video game developers create and how they reinvent our favourite genres. At the same time, watching these studios iterate on established formulas and take familiar characters into the unknown can be just as gratifying.

It’s fair to say that we’ve been waiting on some of these sequel for quite some time. Will they deliver in 2022 or end up delayed into following years? Or worse, will they fail to recapture what made their predecessors so memorable?

30. Homeworld 3

After dipping our toes back into the Homeworld universe with 2016’s Deserts of Kharak, Gearbox and developer Blackbird Interactive are gearing up for the next major instalment in this beloved strategy series. “Beloved?” you may be thinking “I haven’t even heard of Homeworld!”. After almost twenty years, the pioneering sci-fi RTS is due for a rebirth, planned for a Q4 2022 release.

The simple promise of gorgeous space conflicts on a galactic scale is enough to have us locked onto Homeworld 3. Featuring co-op, competitive multiplayer, and a story-driven campaign, the long-awaited sequel will play home to climatic campaigns as you war across the galaxy, immersed in fully 3D space battles.

29. Street Fighter VI

Street Fighter V has punched and grappled its way around the fighting game circuit for close to six years now, but it’s fair to say that Capcom’s most recent entry in the long running franchise didn’t have the smoothest of launches when it finally arrived on PS4 and PC. It disappointed players pointing to network stability issues and, while never a Street Fighter staple, the lack of a story mode was also felt, especially when compared to the game’s rivals.

After continued support from Capcom and massively expanding its roster of characters, it would eventually win over fans. However, there’s hope that its sequel will hit the ground running when it launches some time next year. We know very little about Street Fighter VI aside from hints given by Capcom. Luke, SF5’s final character who arrived earlier this year, is said to represent what comes next for the series, whatever that means. Game modes, starting roster, art style, and platforms all remain a mystery for now.

28. STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl

At this point, the controversy surrounding STALKER 2’s development almost outweighs fans’ fascination with the first game that launched many years ago. A grimly immersive first person shooter set within the remnants of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone, STALKER wowed with its bleak yet brilliant visuals and light RPG influences.

Quickly followed up by two expansions, developer GSC fell apart while working on its hotly-anticipated sequel. After years of rumour and speculation, the studio would return from the dead and it looks like we may finally get to play STALKER 2 in early 2022 when it launches on PC and Xbox Series X|S next April. In the series’ absence we’ve had numerous Fallout games, the Metro trilogy, and myriad other post-apocalyptic titles occupy the space it left. What a comeback story it would be if Heart of Chernobyl crushes expectations with a fresh take on the survival shooter.

27. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2

The sequel that almost no-one was expecting. The original Space Marine launched more than a decade ago and, while it did a tidy job of bringing 40K’s grimdark universe to life, it was a pretty by-the-numbers action game and one of THQ’s very last before the publisher went bust.

With Saber Interactive at the helm and a renewed popularity in the Games Workshop license, Space Marine 2 could very well blow its predecessor out of the water. It looks like we’ll be joined by an older, even more grizzled Titus as he clashes against swarms of Tyranids to deliver the Emperor’s justice.

26. Warhammer: Total War III

Speaking of Games Workshop games, Warhammer: Total War III is a Warhammer Fantasy fan’s dream come true. Strategy masters Creative Assembly began their journey in 2016 and now, more than half a decade later, we’re finally about to throw down in the biggest tabletop adaptation of all time.

At least seven new factions enter the fray, from Grand Cathay and the Ogre Kingdoms, to Kislev and the Daemons of Chaos. Beyond what is sure to be a bloody, climactic campaign across The Old World, we’re most excited for what comes next. It has been confirmed that a post-launch update will allow fans to merge Warhammer: Total War III with its two predecessors for the full trilogy experience across a vast all-encompassing world map.

Join us again tomorrow as we start drilling into the second half of our most wanted list.