I created El Poco, a new brand of hot sauce with Mexican origins. I was inspired by the Mayan civilisation to create its visual identity. The logotype is a monogram made up of letters organised in the manner of Mayan representations and with bright colour codes evoking Mexico. A “worn” effect, inspired by Mayan engravings, has been applied to the logotype, giving it an authentic look. This logotype breaks the codes with its verticality. It is as strong and virile as the sauce it promotes.

Inspired by a maracas, El Poco’s packaging takes the shape of this essential Mexican instrument. To fully enjoy the taste of the sauce, the bottle must be shaken to mix the ingredients, which echoes the maracas. Latin American-inspired motifs adorn the handle of the bottle and Mayan mask-like caps enhance the whole. These masks bring a mystique and intensity to the product. The spiciness of the El Poco sauce is only available to the hotheads…

The El Poco advertisement is a product-only image that features the product in a mysterious atmosphere reminiscent of a Mayan environment and coloured according to the intensity of the chilli. The typography used for the slogan takes up the “worn” characteristic of the logotype as well as the organisation of the letters. This world is just waiting for consumers to discover El Poco and its chilli. I chose to display the product on a vehicle for urban marketing by making an original construction on an original vehicle such as the Volkswagen Combi in order to get noticed.

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