We've all heard the grumbles about the technology when people are working from home, or remote offices are complaining about not getting the same info as their counterparts elsewhere, but when Global integration asked what the three biggest challenges are in today’s complex workplaces – such as international companies, matrix organisations, and those which offer remote and virtual working - 70% responded that organizational complexity itself was the biggest challenge. Which is a management issue, not a technology issue. The pressure of distance and lack of face to face contact in remote virtual teams, and cultural differences ALL scored more highly as problems than technology. Matrix structures (those where people have more than one work group/line manager to work within) and excess meetings/ calls each affected just over a third of respondents. So with technology recorded as one of the top three issues by just 18% of respondents, whilst there's no room for complacency, it's obvious that IT departments are getting more right than wrong. But don't tell the accountants, or the budgets will be passing to management training instead of technology budgets!