Personal *nix configuration files

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Personal configuration files for Unix-like systems

The repository's structure mimics the contents of XDG_CONFIG_HOME (e.g., fish/ corresponds to ~/.config/fish/



What? Neovim is a free, cross-platform text editor based on Vim.

Why? It is infinitely extensible and has an elegant modal editing model. I use Neovim for all text-editing purposes including note-taking and programming, and also as a pager.


What? Emacs is a free, cross-platform text editor, mail client, news reader, organizer, and more. It does not take the streamlined, minimalistic approach that (Neo)Vim does, but it can be made to emulate Vim.

Why? I keep Emacs around exclusively for Org mode. See my file for more.


What? fish is a user-friendly command line shell.

Why? The project is guided by a principled set of design guidelines. The result is a shell with a consistent scripting language, deep extensibility, and virtually no configuration required.


What? Tmux is a popular terminal multiplexer.

Why? My workflow revolves around disposable sessions, each having a one-to-one correspondence to a project. Switching tasks involves switching sessions. I can freely destroy and recreate sessions for particular projects via Tmuxinator.