Phasmophobia's sudden surge of popularity in October and November was no accident. The multiplayer horror game made for a fun social experience, leading to Phasmophobia becoming a Twitch sensation. The game's popularity has understandably dwindled in the weeks since, as players hoped for further content updates before returning. That time is now, Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games released a new beta patch for players to check out.

To be clear, this isn't a substantial content patch or anything of the sort. It's a small patch that addresses several prevalent bugs, while also adding some new cool things, too. The biggest addition to the game being the ability to place Candles similarly to placing Ghost Writing Books. This feature should allow players to create custom Candle arrangements, like pentagrams. Additionally, Contracts will now have customizable difficulty options rather than being randomized. They're small, but meaningful changes.

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More important than the content changes are some of the fixes and balance issues for Phasmophobia. For example, the Ghost will now track to a player's last-known location rather than returning after losing sight of the player. That means that Ghosts can and will follow players around corners now. A variety of other fixes and changes for Ghosts were also made, which should improve enemies overall.

While it isn't as big of a patch as many Phasmophobia players may have liked, it's still an excellent excuse to return to the game. Judging from Phasmophobia's Twitch viewers, which have jumped significantly with the release of the patch, this is just what many players have been waiting for.

Phasmophobia is available now on PC.

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