Key Features

  • This book appeals to a wide range of audience from beginners to experts
  • The book is full of complete and fun projects that provide code and solutions for start-ups and enterprise developers
  • We showcase the power and depth of PHP when it comes to high performance and scalability

Book Description

With the rise in demand for high performance, PHP's newest version contains everything you need to build efficient applications. PHP 7 provides improved engine execution, better memory usage, and a better set of tools.

This book will get you ready to use PHP 7 to suit your needs. It is filled with complete projects with ready-to-use codes that makes coding easier. With the focus on the new features of PHP 7, we will build various productive projects. If you are a web developer or a consultant, this book will assist you in developing sturdy applications.

From learning how to build an e-mail micro service to a mobile back-end application, this book will empower you to use PHP 7 in the best way possible. By the end, you will be able to write server and client-side code.

What you will learn

  • Build versatile projects using the newest features PHP 7 has to offer
  • Explore the uses of PHP 7's event-driven / async features
  • Discover efficient coding practices that will help you build design codes
  • Optimize session handling and advanced back-end development
  • Leverage the power of Abstract syntax tree, which is considered to be the most enticing feature of PHP 7
  • Improve the performance of existing applications

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Create a User Profile System and use the Null Coalesce Operator
Chapter 2: Build a Database Class and Simple Shopping Cart
Chapter 3: Building a Social Newsletter Service
Chapter 4: Build a Simple Blog with Search Capability using Elasticsearch
Chapter 5: Creating a RESTful Web Service
Chapter 6: Building a Chat Application
Chapter 7: Building an Asynchronous Microservice Architecture
Chapter 8: Building a Parser and Interpreter for a Custom Language
Chapter 9: Reactive Extensions in PHP