How can we turn our ideas and aspirations into tangible achievements that verify ourselves? Our culture states that it is only natural to fail more often than to succeed. But with the right approach, we can change this narrative. And turn our dreams into self verifying goals.

Most dreams are never accomplished because we do not actually build a plan for achieving them. It is not a lack of effort or desire that leaves these dreams unattained, but our inability to take action on developing a game plan in the first place. A dream is thus nothing more than an unverified goal. Through this subtle change in approach, we increase the chances of living the life we really want to live and accomplishing what we truly want most.

Founder of One Day Entertainment, Zack Honarvar focuses on empowering creators and entrepreneurs through their creative talents. He has worked with and helped guide several eminent entertainers such as the popular Youtube Channel Yes Theory. His success has led him to become one of the top respected Digital Talent Managers in his industry. Zack Honarvar is the founder of One Day Entertainment (ODE), a diversified entertainment and media company in Los Angeles — known for representing some of the most-respected creator brands such as Yes Theory, Airrack, and the Cheeky Boyos. Zack has quickly become one of the most respected emerging managers of digital talent, ironically for his belief that — creators should be treated like startups instead of talent, and he should act more like a CEO than a manager. This mindset has helped him facilitate deals with some of the biggest studios, brands, and talent in Hollywood — from lululemon to Will Smith to Google. It's also helped him to make a series of lucrative investments on behalf of his clients, build massive creator apparel brands, and develop brand new out-of-the-box distribution strategies for documentary content.
In everything he does, Zack's purpose is simply to empower creators and entrepreneurs to "do better business" and take bets on themselves, so that they can turn their creative talents into real, lasting impact and wealth. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at