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Remember when we told you sometime ago that Google Play would be getting a nice little refresh that reorganized the games category to focus more on finding games easier? Well that update to Google Play is now live, and it spreads across tons more game categories than before, including live wallpapers and widgets that have something to do with games. Google made this announcement regarding the changes to the Play Store would be coming last year with the update due for a February arrival, and he we are in the middle of March, with those categories now being accessible and making even simpler to find the types of games that you want to play without having to search through hundreds of games just to find even one that you’re interested in.

While this doesn’t get rid of every single minor issue with the games section of the Play Store, it does get rid of most of them. Previous to this update there were merely eight categories one could search through if they wanted to provide themselves with a more organized and focused way to find a specific genre of game. After today’s update, there are now twenty total game categories you can search through to find the games you’re looking for and honestly finding games couldn’t get much easier. Widgets and live wallpapers are still there, with eighteen actual game categories. Initially the update was supposed to hit the browser version of the Play Store Games section first, with the Play Store app to follow soon after, but it seems both versions of the Play Store have been updated to support these categories as you can see from the images.

Google has also saw fit to take widgets and live wallpapers that were app and game oriented, and separate them into different sections. So basically when you search the widget and live wallpaper sections inside the games subcategories list, you will only see ones that pertain to or relate to games. That makes things easier if you actually want to find a live wallpaper that may be based off of a game. Further more, they actually have a game subcategory for Role Playing games now, which fills me with so much joy that it is impossible to put into words.

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