playground for spring-boot, kotlin, jooq

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playground for spring-boot, kotlin, jooq


    $ make -C rest-api

run local db (docker)

    $ make -C rest-api db.local.up

the build pipeline - what is it doing?

  • it spawns a postgres (docker)
  • it connects to postgres and generates code based on the actual db schema
  • compile source code into jar
  • put jar into a docker image -> thats your artefact


  • jooq is great, but no silver bullet

  • the jooq codegen generates java

  • the generated java is not null-safe

  • nullable db columns will be treated the same way as non-nullable columns by the code-gen --> We need either jsr305 annotations provided by the code-gen or kotlin data classes (with nullable types)

  • generated record-classes are mutable (ActiveRecord) --> Its hard to write idiomatic kotlin at the moment. Hope future versions of jooq may support idiomatic kotlin nicer.

  • And intellij ... Working in Intellij gets really slow (might be related to all this method overloading and varargs being used by jooq generated classes) Solution ? : mark directory "src/main/generated" as "excluded" seems to solve it


This example project is based on ...

Whats wrong with orm, jpa, hibernate and in-memory h2-db these days ?

There is no silver bullet. It's born in a world of single-instance big fat application servers. It hardly fits into a modern world of:

  • functional programming: e.g. immutable threadsafe pojos / data classes
  • CQRS and eventsourcing
  • horizontal scaling of polyglot microservices

Make up your mind ...