Power BI + Amazon Merchant Services

We are excited to announce Power BI users can now leverage our Amazon Seller Central MWS E-commerce data integration. Our data integration will unlock access to critical seller central performance data within the Power BI platform.

Openbridge has unlocked the MWS performance data critical to optimizing operations and accelerating sales growth.

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Why Power BI users want to tap into Amazon MWS e-commerce data

How are the leading Amazon sellers supercharging sales? They tap into performance data from a data source called Amazon Merchant Services (MWS) with Power BI.

These “pro” sellers recognize data is the secret to unlocking e-commerce insights. Amazon MWS is an integrated part of e-commerce operations. These pro users connect to Amazon MWS for this data.

With MWS data and Power BI, the pros know when customers may be more likely to purchase. This means they can optimize ad spend, inform inventory management decisions, target special offers, promotions, and other tactics.

Using Amazon MWS data reduces uncertainty in efforts to drive revenue and profitability. Not using data means greater difficulty allocating products across sales channels, including non-Amazon sales channels, to meet customer needs. This leads to missed opportunities for understanding purchase frequency, recency, and spending levels of customers.

Our fully automated, code-free Amazon MWS data pipeline service delivers to a private cloud data warehouse or data lakes such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, or Google BigQuery.

What Amazon MWS data do we deliver to Power BI users?

The high-performance Openbridge Amazon MWS data pipeline is a fully automated, data platform to exchange data for use within Power BI.

Our zero administration service connects to the Amazon MWS marketplace integrated web service API in minutes. Openbridge worked hard to deliver an MWS service API that supports a solution with no coding. This means you do not need to engage account managers, solutions architects, or any engineering support to get started.

Our service supplies over 30+ data feed across seven categories:

  1. Inventory
  2. Order
  3. Order Tracking
  4. Pending Order
  5. Returns
  6. Performance
  7. FBA

You will get access to the most comprehensive collection of Amazon MWS available from their API. This results in 30+ tables of Amazon e-commerce operations data that we route and load to your private warehouse or data lake.

  1. mws_all_listings
  2. mws_canceled_listings
  3. mws_converged_orders
  4. mws_customer_metrics
  5. mws_fba_afn_inventory
  6. mws_fba_bulk_fix_stranded_inventory
  7. mws_fba_customer_shipment
  8. mws_fba_daily_inventory
  9. mws_fba_fee_preview
  10. mws_fba_fulfilled
  11. mws_fba_inventory_age
  12. mws_fba_inventory_archived
  13. mws_fba_inventory_health
  14. mws_fba_manage_excess_inventory
  15. mws_fba_orders_by_last_update
  16. mws_fba_orders_by_order_date
  17. mws_fba_promotions
  18. mws_fba_received_inventory
  19. mws_fba_recommended_removal
  20. mws_fba_reimbursements
  21. mws_fba_replacements
  22. mws_fba_reserved_inventory
  23. mws_fba_returns
  24. mws_fba_stranded_inventory
  25. mws_geo_opportunities
  26. mws_inactive_listings
  27. mws_inventory
  28. mws_listings_defect
  29. mws_open_listings
  30. mws_orders
  31. mws_orders_by_last_update
  32. mws_orders_by_order_date
  33. mws_restock_inventory
  34. mws_returns
  35. mws_sold_listings
  36. mws_unshipped_orders

If you want to pair Amazon MWS and Power BI with a private cloud data warehouse the Openbridge service is for you.

Accelerate Amazon E-commerce Data Analytics with Power BI Amazon MWS

With orders, returns, shipping, inventory… data in hand, you can build a strategy around pushing sales on Amazon. For example, if you are competing for the Buy Box, it’s essential to have items in stock and priced competitively. Understanding your Amazon operations, pricing, and shipping will keep you informed on when you should stock up or adjust pricing to win the Buy Box.

If you want to build Power BI dashboards, visualization or engage your data science team for machine learning activities, having your data ready will kickstart your efforts. No need for software development, engineers, product integration teams… we take care of it for you.

It’s time to optimize Amazon sales and harness the power of your e-commerce data. Let Openbridge handle the Amazon marketplace web service integration for you. Finally, your Power BI business intelligence software will get the fuel it needs by tapping into Amazon MWS performance data critical to optimizing performance and accelerating sales growth.

We ❤️ Power BI + Amazon Merchant Services for sales growth and optimization! Since we handle all the coding, processing, loading, and programmatic access for campaign management and reporting, it is easy to get started today!

Openbridge has unlocked the MWS performance data critical to optimizing operations and accelerating sales growth.

Ready to tap into your data? Get started for free!