In this post, I will show you a tool I created, for MDT, that allows you to generate a Customsettings.ini file easily and quickly.
One year ago, I shared a tool MDT Profile generator. It allows you, as mentioned above, to generate a Customsettings.ini file. This way, this way can be using like a "profile". I will describe you the next step to choose this one during your deployment.

In this new version, you can find some new parameters and options:
- Possibility to load an existing profile
- Apply a product key

How to get the wizard ?

Why a profile ?

Customsettings.ini file can be used to configurate your deployment parameters and configurations easily. You can set almost whatever you want, as language pack to install, applications ...
Once this "profile" is generated, the next step is to select the appropriate profile for your deployment.
For this need I created a wizard that allows you to choose an external customsettings.ini file, see here
Profile selection Wizard

What's new ?

First as you may noticed, the main change is the design. I choosed to integrate the awesome HamburgerMenu control from Mahapps. 
See in the post from my mate, Kevin (aka Dev4sys) how to use it.

Load a profile

Then, the second main new, is the possibility to upload an existing INI file previously created with the tool. 
To upload an INI file, just click on the Load button and choose your profile. Once it's done, the profile parameters will be loaded in the tool.
Load existing profile button
The below example show you the tool behavior after loading a profile with Domain and the  Workgroup integration.
Load domain profile
The below example show you the tool behavior after loading a profile with DHCP or static IP selection.
Load Static IP or DHCP profile
There are also some new changes, about control. 
To generate you profile just click on the Generate profile button.
Generate profile button

How to use it ?

This is a reminder to know how to use the tool.
The tool is composed of 7 part.
- Details
- Domain
- Network
- Backup/Capture/Restore
- Wizards to skip
- Applications
- Other

See below controls available for each part and their action in the Customsettings.ini file.

Details Tab variables


This part allows you to set domain or workgroup parameters.
Once you choose domain, it will automatically display some new fields.

WorkGroup variables
Domain variables


This part allows you to set a static IP with Gateway, Mask ... or choose a DHCP configuration.
Once you choose Static, some new fields will appear.

Network Static IP variables
Network DHCP variables


This part allows you to choose which wizard you want to hide. Choosing Skip all wizard will automatically check all the others.


This part allows you to choose which applications will be configured as Mandatory applications with value MandatoryApplicationsx
Applications wizard

Others variables

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