National DevOps Conference, October, London, 2021


We are extremely proud to welcome you again to The National DevOps Conference on October 5-6th 2021 in London!

To prepare for this great event, we wanted to introduce some of this year’s incredible speakers. They are all leaders, managers, and experienced professionals who will be presenting fascinating and trending topics from the world of DevOps.


James Lewis

One of our esteemed speakers is James Lewis, QA Engineer at AO.COM, who will be talking about ‘How continuous deployment killed the test strategy’.

James has been working at AO for 2 years and is currently supporting 5 customer experience teams to ensure the building of high-quality software. He is really passionate about striving for continuously deploying software.

In his presentation, he will be sharing what continuous deployment means for him, the things he has learned, and how his company approaches it.

Jitander Kapil

You will also have the opportunity to hear Jitander Kapil, Head of DevOps and QA at Larson & Toubro, talk about ‘DevOps pipelines in the world of Serverless Applications’.

In his 20 years of professional experience, Jitander has worked in multiple industries including Banking, Casino/Gaming, E-Commerce, Telecom, CRM, and many more in various roles. He has established large IT services and Delivery Units. He is passionate about new technologies, DevOps frameworks, microservices, and container orchestration.​

His presentation will focus on Serverless computing and how to implement a DevOps pipeline for a Serverless application for fintech application and evaluate the results of implementation. The discussion will demonstrate how the architecture of Serverless applications affects many DevOps automation practices such as test execution, deployment, and monitoring of the application and summarise the decisions about source code repository’s structure, mocking libraries, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools.


Bogdan Grigorescu

Bogdan Grigorescu, AL platform Manager at Marks & Spencer’s, will focus his presentation on ‘Conversational experiences delivered’.

Bogdan has led the implementation of an AI platform at M&S underpinning conversational experiences for customers calling retail stores and the contact centre. Prior to M&S, Bogdan has built enterprise platforms and managed automation projects delivering superior customer experiences at Apple, Betfair, and several blue-chip organisations across industries. He started his career in industrial robotics for strategic industries and later moved into contact centre technologies and machine learning.

His talk will focus on how M&S has adopted Artificial Intelligence for Retail Stores and Customer Services as part of the enterprise digital transformation programme. The solution runs on a custom-build, multi-cloud platform fondly called ‘Ava’. Its success exceeded expectations on all counts: customer engagement and satisfaction as well as operational efficiency. The presentation will then give insights into what makes Ava and its ecosystem special: the people, the processes, and the tools.


If you are a professional who is interested in learning about the practices and culture behind the DevOps movement, in an effort to implement change in their own IT infrastructures, you don’t want to miss it.

So, book your place HERE.


We are always looking for new speakers, so if you are interested in presenting a DevOps topic and sharing your experience, apply here.


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